Cloud9 Insight's Zenvolution

Deliver exceptional customer experiences using Microsoft Cloud technology.

What is Zenvolution?

Zenvolution is a proven methodology that elevates your business functions' maturity using Microsoft Cloud technology to deliver exceptional customer experiences. From creating foundations you can build upon, to transformative solutions which will delight your customers. It's a process that has supported over 1,000 Cloud9 Insight customers. Book a call to find out more about where your key functions are on your own business' Zenvolution journey.


The foundation level allows you to bring Sales, Marketing or Project Management functions in line with the rest of your business, and connected with your customer data using Dynamics365 CRM.


Transformation is designed for expanding businesses, looking to develop productive output and gain competitive advantage with automation and reporting.


Delight is designed to align your business functions with your customer experience, allowing you to create your own customer self-service portals and additional integrations with Dynamics365.


Set up your business for success. Create a scalable, ROI-driven platform for crucial business functions using the Cloud9 Insight Lite range.


Create a Single View

Use data-driven insights to paint a complete picture of your customers. Even at the Foundation level, your CRM will mature as your organisation scales up.

Centralise Business Data

Start your digital transformation journey by ensuring key business functions are securely accessible anywhere in the world.

Designed for SME

Cloud9 Insight's unique Lite range is designed to provide a lifeline for key SME business functions. Level up your Sales, Marketing or Project Management in as little as just seven days.

Build your foundation with one of these key functions


Build on solid foundations and develop unbeatable productive output by taking advantage of automation and reporting.

Access Unique Business Insights

Discover what influences customer loyalty and what keeps them coming back again and again, all presented in a visually appealing and easily-digestible structure.

Embrace automation

Business is only getting busier. The transformation phase allows you to automate key processes such as email campaigns, the sharing of information between departments anag generating reports, you can spend time with your customers.

Take full control

Transform projects take full advantage of our unique strategic roadmap. You'll access requirements workshops to assess your precise needs, a dedicated ROI calculator to enhance the project's value to your business, and optional enhanced user training.

Start your transformation with our strategic roadmap



Take the fantastic internal improvements you have made, align them with your customer experience, and exploit the gaps in your market your competitors can't.


Connect Every Department

Technology is always changing. The delight stage of Zenvolution ensures that every department in your business can take advantage of solutions that can give you a competitive edge with specialised integrations.

Discover Omnichannel Communication

Gartner suggests that 75% of customer interactions will take place through non-conventional means by 2024. Delight lets you take a proactive approach to each department, letting you engage with customers on their preferred platform.

Delight with Self-Service

Customers love to solve problems without picking up the phone. Delight gives you access to web portals that streamline communication and improve access to resources. Create community and respond to customer needs.

Each stage of Zenvolution is delivered through our 6E methodology

Now you know each phase of Zenvolution, now you can discover how they are delivered. Introducing the 6 E's.

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What our customers say

"The clarity of thought and peace of mind that Cloud9 brought to a really complex situation has just been game-changing. The quality of the people in Cloud9 is remarkable – every single person we've spoken to knows what they're doing.

They've all been extremely helpful and that has made the whole process a lot easier for us. But it's also been great fun, actually. For something that's been quite an onerous task to look at, they've actually made it fun. We have our Friday afternoon update meetings, which we now actually look forward to. Cloud9 made something that could have been very daunting a delight."

Annie Makin, Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging

"Cloud9 Insight helped us to deliver a successful D365 implementation which will add huge value to our business.  Their understanding of our objectives, a tried and tested approach, lots of experience and insight were all very beneficial.  They created good stakeholder engagement which encouraged a process of specification, build, test and adapt allowing us to start the adoption phase with confidence.  The ongoing attentive, knowledgeable and good humoured support team has provided the right amount of hand-holding across the roll out.”

James Rudolf, Aquis Insurance Management

"The benefits of the CRM are multifaceted. One of the key things for me is the CRM is just one cog in the wheel in terms of bringing together the various different software within the Microsoft package, which obviously has a great benefit to the business operation. There's a consistency on how information is presented, and that's a true benefit for us in relation to our CRM aspirations. The reason I would recommend Cloud9 Insight is I'm still a key partner with them. And we're looking to invest further with them on additional software packages centered around the Microsoft 365 program. They have and will be a long-term partner for our business. And today they are certainly delivering."

Robert Thompson, See Group