Power WebForm

PowerWebForm for Dynamics 365

PowerWebForm makes creating web forms in Dynamics 365 quick and easy. Capture information from an online form and instantly pull that data directly into CRM. Then you can create a lead, a contact, or other CRM entities – including custom ones. This integration ends the need to export or import lists from other databases into CRM.

PowerWebForm screen

PowerWebForm Capabilities

1. Many different field types

Choose from a range: text box, radio button, check box, dropdown, and more.

2. Customise your web form

Create its look and feel using CSS so that the form fits perfectly into your web page.

3. Prevent spam submissions

You can either turn Google Captcha on to stop spam, or leave it turned off.

4. Populate Dynamics 365 fields automatically

For example, you could use a hidden field to automatically populate the topic of the lead created from a web form, or to populate the lead source.

5. 2 ways to redirect visitors

When users have completed the form, redirect them either automatically or manually, via a button they click.

6. Detect duplicates

on more than one entity. Say, for examples, your web form is creating leads; before creating the new lead, check for duplicates in both Leads and Contacts.


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