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DocuSign Connector for Dynamics 365

DocuSign for Dynamics 365 CRM enables electronic signatures to help you close deals faster. Users can quickly get signatures or sign documents from anywhere in Dynamics CRM.

DocuSign for Dynamics 365

DocuSign Capabilities

1. Signatures made easy

Signing or getting signatures on a document is simple with this integration. The “Sign” and “Get Signatures" actions are preconfigured, allowing you to easily send or sign a document stored in DocuSign for Dynamics 365 CRM.

2. Signatures update records

When a document is signed in DocuSign for Dynamics 365 CRM, this is automatically noted on the quote record and the contact record timeline.

3. Gain more control of your sales process

This platform provides an audit trail of edits. Every signatory is notified when a document is changed, which helps make the whole process transparent for users.

4. Designed for sales departments

Close business faster with DocuSign for Dynamics 365 CRM. Route contracts to the relevant decision makers to review and approve within minutes.

5. Legally binding signatures

Agreements signed electronically with DocuSign are legally binding and backed by a court-admissible audit trail.

6. Configure and customise with ease

You can adapt DocuSign for Dynamics 365 to integrate with most business processes. DocuSign provides a complete set of APIs, with documentation and a top-notch software development kit.

DocuSign for Dynamics 365

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