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Marketing Lite

Marketing Lite

New for 2024, introducing Marketing Lite, the new way for teams to combine Marketing and CRM. Brought to you by Cloud9 Insight.

Develop your customer relationships.

Effortlessly generate leads.

Keep your existing customer base up to date with attractive content.

Project Lite

Project Lite

Introducing Project Lite by Cloud9 Insight. Everything you need at a fraction of the cost, quickly and with zero complexity.

Cost-effective - It won't break the bank.

Quick to implement and integrate.

Simple to use and manage.

Sales Lite

Sales Lite

Introducing Sales Lite, the new sales CRM tool for SMBs. Brought to you by Cloud9 Insight.

Everything you need in a sales tool, but at a fraction of the cost, and you can be up and running within 7 days.

Sales Lite is the low-cost, quick-to-implement sales solution that still includes the functionality you need.

What we do

As an accredited Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions partner, we provide a wide range of CRM consulting and implementation services. We provide support to small and mid-sized businesses, to strengthen customer connections, accelerate digital transformation, and increase productivity by leveraging Dynamics 365 and solutions built on the Microsoft Power Platform.

Our CRM Packages

Strategic Dynamics CRM Implementation

Strategic is a flexible implementation of Dynamics 365 with phased business change. Typically, these projects involve complex data migration from existing CRM systems. Moreover, phases are designed to build additional maturity which may include system integration.

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SMBs need a CRM catered to them. There are many solutions available, but they often have features that SMBs just simply do not need, nor can they afford. If your business is looking for a cost-effective, easy-to-implement customer management tool, click here to learn more about Lite.

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