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Cloud9 Insight is an award-winning Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Consultancy, specialising in CRM and Power Platform. We work exclusively with SMEs, helping them to grow and scale profitably.

Based in the bohemian city of Brighton, Sussex, we specialise in the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement platform (CRM) and help SMBs to adopt CRM through implementation, training, and support.

Based in the fun city of Brighton, we work with clients across the whole of the UK and beyond. We have several project approaches carefully designed to support clients who are either:

  • Going through their first CRM implementations
  • Looking to reach higher levels of maturity through integrations, and navigating more complex business change and improvements in processes.


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Why Do Clients Choose a Trusted Microsoft Partner for Dynamics 365 and Business Change?

About CEO Carlene Jackson

Carlene co-founded Cloud9 Insight in 2010. She has spent a lifetime supporting clients to implement CRM solutions to end clients. She started out in her career at IBM where she gained valuable experience supporting European enterprise clients in a consulting capacity with their projects. Prior to founding Cloud9 Insight, Carlene was a General Manager for the CRM division of Sage and saw the rise of cloud technology. The cloud was changing the power of business owners of SMEs to use technology to gain competitive advantage and scale their growth. Her previous experience selling Salesforce and Siebel helped her create a vision for how SMEs could adopt, cost effectively, the same technology that enterprise clients have enjoyed since she started her career in the late 90s. The timing of the founding of Cloud9 Insight was planned to support the launch of Microsoft Dynamics being launched as a cloud version for the first time in the UK, an early adopter of cloud. The ‘Insight’ part of our name was drawn from Carlene’s experience that having a repository of data alone is not enough; a project’s value comes from how you use the data, the analysis, marketing, and better decision making.

Initially, when Carlene set up Cloud9 Insight, she moved to Annecy in the Alps with her two kids 6 and 9, where she truly lived the cloud dream – working anywhere without limitation. She did end up installing a satellite connection for her internet, which in winter had to be cleared of heavy snow, but otherwise the experience lived up to her expectations and she would recommend it to anyone.

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