Marketing Lite

An all-in-one marketing solution that grows with your business. Marketing Lite.

SMBs need a marketing tool catered to them. Marketing Lite combines three of the most important marketing functions in one intuitive solution.

Develop your customer relationships.

Effortlessly generate leads.

Keep your existing customer base up to date with attractive content.

Marketing Lite solves key SME marketing challenges

Limited resources? Discover marketing automation

Standing out to your targets demands a nuanced understanding of customer behaviours and personalised communication. It goes beyond addressing customers by name, focusing on understanding needs, anticipating preferences, and delivering a unique experience is essential.

Usually, only large enterprises can accomplish this, Marketing Lite allows you to do it in a fraction of the time using automated and personalised marketing emails.

  • Provide personalised responses based on how customers react to your emails, if they click on a certain product or service, Marketing Lite knows, and can tailor your next campaign accordingly.
  • Measure the success of your email campaigns while they are ongoing to make proactive improvements.
  • Use triggers to alert your sales team as soon as clients take a positive action in an email, allowing you to follow up quickly and professionally.
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Improve business visibility - in just 7 days

Marketing Lite addresses challenges related to data visibility by offering tools for analysis and visibility. The platform not only collects data but presents it understandably, providing actionable insights.

With Marketing Lite, you gain a 360-degree view of your marketing mix. From configurable dashboards that track when customers visit certain web pages, to social media management to proactively improve your ongoing campaigns. Form tracking allows you to further customise campaigns according to your prospect's unique preferences.

What are the key features of Marketing Lite?


One-off implementation cost of just £4,995 - this is unbeatable value and includes a 50% reduction against usual implementation cost rate card.

Subscription (includes unlimited support and training)

Starting from just £699 per month.

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