customer-voice for dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 for Customer Voice

Gather data to gauge real time client satisfaction and analyse these across the entire organisation and for each unique client contact. Now you can be in control of improvements or changes required to operate at the highest level across your business and the end to end customer life cycle.

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice Capabilities


Know what your customers are thinking

Quickly collect client feedback: Collect and analyse client data and emotional reactions, real time through-out the customer journey to track business performance and customer satisfaction.
Create personalised surveys: Conduct engaging surveys using templates that include example question sets, workflows, which include example reporting with flexibility to customise with branding. market. Its service bots are always available, smart and fast.
Capture and leverage feedback across all customer channels: Keep track of your customer satisfaction across SMS, web, email and mobile.

Capture deep customer insights

Learn what influences customer satisfaction: Capture and track customer satisfaction metrics that are critical to your business success, such as Net Promoter Score to inform decisions on improvements.
Gain visual insights on satisfaction across life cycle: Visualise your customer insights from the customer profile dashboard to enable more effective decision making and relevant marketing.
Measure team performance: Identify areas of improvement needed to improve performance of client facing team..

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Remove siloed pockets of data across your business

Effectively manage your customer insights: collate feedback with customer data in other Dynamics 365 applications, including Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power BI, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, and Microsoft Power Platform.
Capture and share customer surveys across applications: Make survey data available across all your customer applications, such as Customer Insights and Dynamics 365 Customer Service.
Create a single view of your customer profile: Create a single view and understanding of customers in a unified profile view by using Customer Insights with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.

Use client feedback to enable quick decision making

Speed up response time: Collate real-time survey feedback and data from your customer applications to empower employees with customer insights
Automate notifications: Automate triggers within your business process to send automatic alerts you when customer satisfaction is reducing.
Timely Improvements of customer experience: Continuously improve customer experiences with real-time follow-up suggestions to improve the customer journey.

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customer-voice for dynamics 365
Customer Voice

Gather data to gauge real-time client satisfaction and analyse across the entire organisation and for each unique client contact.