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Scale up & down, mix & match and choose a payment plan that suits you.

Pre-Project Questionnaire

Cloud9 recommend you and your team discuss these questions to help identify the scope and success factors for your CRM project. These will build a shared vision for business change and create momentum in achieving it. By submitting this, Cloud9 will receive a copy of your requirements which will be shared with the consultant in advance of the requirements gathering workshop.

Click Dimensions Flyer

What is ClickDimensions? Advanced Marketing Automation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Budgeting Tool

Use the CRM Budgeting Tool to view the costs involved in deploying Dynamics CRM. These costs can be managed to your budget.
Please give us a call to discuss this in more detail, we would be delighted to help you complete this.

Business Productivity eBook

Reinvent business productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365.

CRM Planning Guide

A better way to know your customers and grow.


Licensing booklet

Need information on licenses? Have a look through this Dynamics 365 Enterprise License Booklet and for any questions you may have on our licensing guide.

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