PowerMailChimp for Dynamics 365

Combine the powers of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and PowerMailChimp to send bulk emails and track all related statistics directly back to your contacts, leads, and accounts. Seamlessly connecting MailChimp with Dynamics 365, integrating PowerMailChimp’s marketing automation makes it easy for you to send and track bulk emails directly from your CRM.


PowerMailChimp screen

PowerMailChimp Capabilities

1. Send out bulk emails

Newsletters, special offers, and more – from within Dynamics 365, using static or dynamic CRM marketing lists.

2. Easy to manage

Schedule send dates/times for each bulk email drop.

3. Tracking simplified

Track critical bulk email statistics – sends, successful deliveries, opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes – back to Dynamics 365.

4. Do everything in Dynamics 365

You can edit and customise your campaigns without ever needing to leave Dynamics 365.

5. Simple interface

The intuitive interface makes this integration incredibly easy to use.

6. Low price per user, per month

All enabled users, including read-only and admin-only users, and service accounts, are automatically counted.

PowerMailChimp screen

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