Investment Management

An Investment and Relationship Management tool that works alongside your existing Microsoft applications.

How Does Dynamics 365 for Investment Management Work?

Learn how a tailored Investment Management CRM solution could help you:

  • Provide a single view of client and contact relationships
  • Get real-time insights into who your clients are and analyse their behaviour
  • Create tailored communications based on client profile
  • Save time and money by automating your onboarding and document processes

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Investment Management – Capabilities

Whether your firm is in investment management, asset management, wealth management, financial planning or advice, mergers & acquisitions, or insurance, Dynamics 365 will work in tandem with your business and address your challenges.

1. Single View

The Investment Management solution brings all of your core data together in one place, enabling visibility of all Lead, Opportunity, Account, KYC, Deal, and Fund data

2. Deals

A Deal enables full data capture of all key information with regards to ongoing negotiation, financials, and close probability. Deals can then be associated to a Fund.

3. Funds

Funds store the data relevant for the analysis of Fund fulfilment, including the term, Return %, First & Final close date, and a breakdown of the Deals that are contributing to that Fund.

4. KYC

KYC management in Dynamics 365 gives you the ability to track the Status, Validity, and Results of your KYC checks. This can then be monitored, and associated to each client.

5. Accounts

Who are your clients, and how good is your relationship with them? The Account record gives you a roll up of all data relevant to that Account, taken from any other related records in the solution.

6. Contacts

Contact management enables great visibility of the individual contact details, as well as their place in the organisational hierarchy within your clients’ business.

7. Timeline

The timeline within each customer facing record, gives you a full view of the emails, phone calls, tasks, and appointments that have occurred between you and that client.

8. Reporting

Dashboards and visual reporting are available across the solution and are easy to tweak and maintain by the user. Reports include KYC overview, Deal pipeline, and Fund fulfilment visibility.

9. Microsoft

As a native Dynamics 365 solution, the Investment Management tool offers all the great
Microsoft integrations including;

  • Active Directory for single sign-on
  • Outlook for email and appointment tracking
  • Teams for chat and collaboration
  • Sharepoint for document storage
  • Planner for project, timeline and tasks visibility

10. Automation

Dynamics 365 will also work for you offering automation to increase efficiency. There’s so much that can be automated, and the most common scenarios include:

  • Workflows to notify individuals of invalid/out-of-date KYC
  • Template Documents to support Proposals, Sign-offs, and Contract reliability
  • Automated email communications to support Deal check-ins and follow ups

11. Documents

Dynamics 365 has native SharePoint and Teams integration allowing a single and secure area for document storage and collaboration.

Managing KYC With Dynamics 365

Learn how a tailored Investment Management CRM solution could help you:

  • Provide a single view of active KYC cases and info on progress
  • History of all KYC cases at your fingertips
  • Set KYC expiry warnings so you are always on top of KYC statuses of your customers and clients
  • Full timeline of all your communications with your customers and clients


"Cloud9 Insight helped us to deliver a successful Dynamics 365 implementation, which will add huge value to our business. Their understanding of our objectives, their tried and tested approach, as well as lots of experience and insight, were all very beneficial."

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Investment Management Solution Package

Strategic Dynamics CRM Implementation

Strategic is a flexible implementation of Dynamics 365 with phased business change. Typically, these projects involve complex data migration from existing CRM systems. Moreover, phases are designed to build additional maturity which may include system integration.

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“We have enjoyed working with Cloud9 Insight as they have been very helpful and timely in their responses. The team go the extra mile to assist you with your queries, and no question is too big or small."

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