Power BI

Power BI

Gain deeper insights into your data with Microsoft Power BI. This easy-to-use business analytics service connects with your data to provide interactive visualisations and valuable business intelligence – all in a unified, scalable platform. It helps you drive business productivity and enable smarter decision-making.

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Power BI Actionable Insights:

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Sales Analytics

Enhance sales performance and strategy.

Power BI provides you with interactive data that helps you with everything from identifying and nurturing the most promising leads, to closing deals. Your business can maximise its data to build a data-driven culture, helping you achieve long-term sales success by generating sales pipeline and forecast reports for your team.
To help you understand and improve sales performance, Dynamics 365 analytics include:

• Top opportunities/sales people per quarter
• Sales cycle duration
• Lead and opportunity conversion rates
• Overdue opportunities
• Opportunities won/lost per month
• New opportunities per week
• Marketing campaign effectiveness, lead generation rates
• Sales pipeline and forecast reports by: month, quarter, year, salesperson, region, product & sales stage

Customer Service Analytics

Maintain consistently high customer service satisfaction by giving your team a holistic view of each customer.

Use customer service dashboards and reports to track patterns and key performance indicators whilst ensuring each customer has their queries dealt with in an effective and personalised manner.
Power BI’s service dashboards and reports track trends including spikes and dips in service calls and complaints. Teams are measured against KPIs including:

• Customer satisfaction rates
• Case resolution times and average days open
• Open and overdue activities by owner, team, type, priority, account
• Service activities created in the current month vs last month
• Performance versus Service Level Agreement benchmark
• Contracts nearing expiry

Power BI analytics
power bi marketing

Marketing Analytics

Maximise your marketing capabilities with Power BI insights.

The marketing dashboards provide insights into the effectiveness of different campaigns. They can track lead conversions, campaign cost analysis, and ROI, and they can segment leads.
KPI’s include:

• Overall campaign effectiveness and ROI
• Campaign cost analysis and cost variance
• Most profitable/responsive market segments
• Number and value of leads/opportunities by campaign
• New leads per week/month
• Lead conversion per month
• Leads by owner, source, campaign, channel
• To access extended email marketing reports, integrate Dynamics 365 with ClickDimensions.

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