Project Lite

Project Lite, the project management tool that lives inside your Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM

Project Lite – Capabilities

1. Single View

Project Lite lives inside your Dynamics 365 Sales CRM, meaning no integration and a seamless data flow from lead through to project delivery and completion

2. Milestones

Projects are broken down into deliverables which can be tagged as milestones and be linked to financial records such as Orders or Invoices

3. Workstreams

Workstreams are set out to deliver the project in manageable chunks. The workstreams provide estimated versus actual time and cost analysis

4. Tasks

Tasks are the individual actions that are delivered as part of the project. Tasks are assigned to resources and have time entered against them

5. Risks

Project Lite offers simple risk flagging and management including RAG status, change log and ownership for mitigation.

6. Resources

Internal and External resources can be managed in Project Lite. Each resource can have skills and certifications associated to them as well as tracking their availability.

7. Timesheets

Time entries can be submitted by resources online or via an app. Time entries are reviewed individually or in bulk by the project manager ready for approval. A connection with Clockify is available for more accurate time tracking.

8. Reporting

Dashboards and visual reporting are available across the solution and are easy to tweak and maintain by the user. Reports include RAG overview, estimated versus actual time and cost tracking.

9. Microsoft

As a native Dynamics 365 solution, Project Lite offers all the great ​Microsoft integrations including:

- Active Directory for single sign-on​
- Outlook for email and appointment tracking​
- Teams for chat and collaboration​
- Sharepoint for Document storage

10. Documents

Dynamics 365 has native SharePoint and Teams integration allowing a single and secure area for document storage and collaboration.

11. Automation

Dynamics 365 will also work for you offering automation to increase efficiency. Virtually any task can be automated, and the most common scenarios include:​

- Template Projects to speed up the planning and task allocation​
- Template Document to support proposals, change requests and sign-off​
- Workflows to notify resources and clients of project progression

Project Lite - laptop screen
Project Lite – tablet screen

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