Sales Lite

Dynamics 365 for Sales, ready in 7 days. Introducing Sales Lite.

SMBs need a sales tool catered to them. There are many sales tools available, but they often have features that SMBs just simply do not need, nor can they afford. If your business is looking for a cost-effective, easy-to-implement sales management tool, then find out more about Cloud9’s Sales Lite option.

What are the key features of Sales Lite?


The simple way to access Dynamics 365 for Sales

A system you know: Leverage Microsoft’s recognisable application design that your users know and use daily.
Integration: Ready-made integration to Microsoft applications - Teams, Sharepoint and Outlook.
Embrace cloud: Accessible from the cloud, accessible anywhere with no servers required.
Security: All your data is secured and stored on resilient, restorable enterprise-grade Microsoft infrastructure.

Sales pipeline and account management

Build your customer journey: Lead to prospect tracking with visibility across all sales users and management.
Accessibility at heart: Simple and clear pipeline dashboards using the new Sales Pipeline view tool.
Full visibility: Track activity timelines to ensure your team members have a single view of every interaction with each client.
Simple segmentation: Segment leads with custom data points.


Click here to download a PDF guide to Sales Lite - all the information you need

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Configured to your business - in just 7 days

Designed for your needs: Ability to add small customisations such as data points that are unique to your business.
Ditch the spreadsheet: Set up a Product Catalogue to allow more detailed sales.
Pricing support: Set up recommended price lists to guide seller pricing.
Quoting tools: Branded company template to send Quotes and Orders to your customers.

Sales apps and integrations

Built for collaboration: Connect Dynamics to email, appointments and Teams chats to allow better collaboration.
Outlook integration: Deploy Dynamics 365 App for Outlook to manage Dynamics records directly from Outlook.
SharePoint integration: Reduce Dynamics storage capacity by using your existing SharePoint storage for sales documents.
Access to Dynamics Mobile Apps: Includes access to Microsoft's Sales apps for Android or iPhone users.

Microsoft Teams

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