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What Is Strategic?

Strategic is a flexible implementation of Dynamics 365 with phased business change. Typically, these projects involve data migration from existing CRM systems. Phases are designed to build additional maturity which may include system integration.

Who Is It For?

Our strategic CRM project approach has been designed for ambitious clients looking to develop mature CRM capabilities with data migration from an existing CRM solution and, potentially integration with other applications. Typically, a phase one is for only one or two sets of stake holders, such as sales and marketing.

Strategic Explained

Strategic projects deliver a broad scope of functionality that is implemented in managed phases. Implementing CRM requires user adoption and careful management of the existing business process. A Strategic process may also incorporate other functions such as marketing automation or finance integrations, it can also include an additional Microsoft module, such as Field Service or Power BI.

What's Included?

Define a Successful CRM Project Approach

The project approach will be custom designed but typically will follow an iterative process of development and review:

number one
Create a roadmap of discreet phases
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Design a solution for all stakeholders in mind including your customers
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Consider productivity improvements including automation
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Review and improve your existing processes
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Consider benefits of integration with other systems such as finance
Cloud9 Insight Smart Budgeting Tool - Excel

Budgeting Tool

Use this tool to create your project budget, using the experience of hundreds’ of projects. Ensure you have created a realistic budget for all phases of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation. If you would like help with this Cloud9 Insight have created a free budgeting and planning tool to support you with identification of all areas of scope that you should budget for.

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Plan a Joint Review of Your Requirements

Prioritise your needs and sign-off to start your project.
There is no commercial commitment to any project beyond the requirements gathering which is a low-cost scoping engagement.


Find Out How Strategic Project Will Help You Develop Mature CRM Solutions

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Explore Our Other CRM Implementation Approaches

Find the right approach for your organisation:

Fast Track Dynamics CRM Implementation

Fast Track is a fixed-budget and quick way to implement Dynamics 365 Sales or Service with some simple configurations to align the solution to your business, designed to be a first step of your CRM journey. Additional packs of capability are available to add-on to the core solution.

Enterprise Dynamics CRM Implementation

Enterprise projects are large scale projects using one or more Dynamics 365 modules, across the whole business often with some level of complexity. Typically, one or more internal and external integrations are set up, such as with finance.


"I have known Cloud9 Insight for some years, and would always return to them for help and advice on bespoke CRM issues.All of the staff I have dealt with have proved to be committed and customer-focussed. I particularly like the way in which they quickly understand what I need – and then set about resolving problems and refining performance of the system to suit my specific requirements. Competence, best value, speed of response, professionalism, and courtesy – coupled with warmth – mean that I can always contact Cloud9 Insight with confidence."

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