Our strategic project methodology - The 6Es of Zenvolution

Deliver exceptional customer experiences using Microsoft Cloud technology.

The 6Es

Our 6 E Strategic Approach

Strategic projects deliver a broad scope of functionality that is implemented in managed phases. Implementing CRM requires user adoption and careful management of the existing business process. Strategic projects will fall under the Transform or Delight phases of Zenvolution. Foundation phase projects will still use the same methodology but will be delivered within a much faster timeline.

A Strategic process may also incorporate other functions such as marketing automation or finance integrations, it can also include an additional Microsoft module, such as Field Service or Power BI.


When you have identified a function within your business that needs to be developed, you have arrived in the Explore stage. Whether you already know that Dynamics365 is right for you, or are still in your information search, we will support you with our Requirements Gathering Workshops, transparent Budgeting Guide and Business Maturity Audit.


The next stage is Envision, where our team's years of experience come into play. Our consultants will provide best practice advice, based on where other clients have been successful in their own Zenvolution.

Envision results in a detailed project scope, written in your language, allowing you to understand your unique user stories.


Once the scope is agreed upon, we embark on the delivery. We deliver the requirements in short sprints, and provide you fortnightly demos we call build reviews to track feedback. You’ll have a dedicated Project Manager and we'll assist with data migration, which can end up being time intensive otherwise. 


Once the build is complete, the next step is enablement, where you'll be ready to go live and start using your new solution. Our user story-based scope gives you test scripts and we can provide tailored training based on your requirements.

Everything is delivered through Microsoft Certified Trainers, and we can even provide bespoke video guides if desired.


Once you're live, we'll support your team in embracing the new solution. This is our embed stage.

This is when it becomes time to choose one of our unique Client Success care packages. These offer you unlimited ad-hoc training and support. Our Client Success is designed to empower your users to derive the most ROI from your CRM, not simply solve issues.

If that's not enough, you'll also access three configuration changes per month. 


Zenvolution and CRM should always be seen as a journey and expanding your solution will ensure continued ROI and alignment to the latest technology. Our Optimisation review, which is offered free on an annual basis identifies what's working, what's not and what's new that you could adopt to drive performance. We will also manage any updates and when you’re ready, plan for the next phase of Zenvolution.

What can you expect from each stage of the 6 Es?


  • Identify the area of your business that needs to be developed.
  • Use our free Budgeting Guide to asses project outlay transparently.
  • Take a business maturity audit to assess which functions in your business need to engage in a Foundation, Transform or Delight project.
  • Use our dedicated ROI calculator to accurately present the value your Dynamics 365 project will create for your business.


  • Take a requirements-gathering workshop with the Cloud9 Insight team where we'll understand your unique business processes and needs.
  • Cloud9 Insight will present you with a detailed scope document including user story-based success criteria, written in your business' language.
  • Here we'll also detail your project plan and timeline, so you can always maintain full visibility.


  • Project gets underway
  • You will be assigned your own dedicated project manager.
  • We will provide fortnightly demos of your project, called build reviews, giving you opportunities to offer feedback.
  • We will use our experience to guide and support your data migration.


  • Your project will go live!
  • We provide training for end users, super users or even a train-the-trainer approach depending on what best fits your business.
  • If required, we can even produce tailored video guides or floorwalking to give you all the tools for success with your new solution.


  • When the project goes live we highly recommend embedding the solution into your team using our Client Success Care Package.
  • Client Success Care Packages give you access to our Client Success Team who will offer you unlimited ad-hoc training and support with your new system.
  • Client Success Care Packages also entitle you to up to three configuration changes per month and any cosmetic tweaks you need.
  • We also recommend our Premium Support which gives you a bank of consultancy time per month, plus 15% off any future projects.


  • Our Zenvolution methodology is all about ensuring your CRM matures with your business, which means when it's time to expand, we're here to support you.
  • We offer a free annual Optimisation Review workshop that identifies what's working well and where there is room for improvement.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an evolving solution, and we'll keep you updated with the latest features.
  • When it comes time to accelerate more business functions to the Foundation, Transform, or Delight level, we can discuss the next phase of your Zenvolution.

Plan a joint review of your requirements

Prioritise your needs and sign-off to start your project.
There is no commercial commitment to any project beyond the requirements gathering which is a low-cost scoping engagement.

What our customers say

"The clarity of thought and peace of mind that Cloud9 brought to a really complex situation has just been game-changing. The quality of the people in Cloud9 is remarkable – every single person we've spoken to knows what they're doing.

They've all been extremely helpful and that has made the whole process a lot easier for us. But it's also been great fun, actually. For something that's been quite an onerous task to look at, they've actually made it fun. We have our Friday afternoon update meetings, which we now actually look forward to. Cloud9 made something that could have been very daunting a delight."

Annie Makin, Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging

"Cloud9 Insight helped us to deliver a successful D365 implementation which will add huge value to our business.  Their understanding of our objectives, a tried and tested approach, lots of experience and insight were all very beneficial.  They created good stakeholder engagement which encouraged a process of specification, build, test and adapt allowing us to start the adoption phase with confidence.  The ongoing attentive, knowledgeable and good humoured support team has provided the right amount of hand-holding across the roll out.”

James Rudolf, Aquis Insurance Management

"The benefits of the CRM are multifaceted. One of the key things for me is the CRM is just one cog in the wheel in terms of bringing together the various different software within the Microsoft package, which obviously has a great benefit to the business operation. There's a consistency on how information is presented, and that's a true benefit for us in relation to our CRM aspirations. The reason I would recommend Cloud9 Insight is I'm still a key partner with them. And we're looking to invest further with them on additional software packages centered around the Microsoft 365 program. They have and will be a long-term partner for our business. And today they are certainly delivering."

Robert Thompson, See Group