Cloud9 Insight highly recommends using Cloudcall for CTI integrations. CloudCall seamlessly integrates business-critical communications: phone, text, and instant messaging into Dynamics 365, helping a business to grow and get more done faster.

What is CloudCall?

CloudCall is a CTI system and are proud to have helped over 30,000 users worldwide, turn their communication into intelligent data that enables them to make better, more insightful decisions, build better relationships and get more done faster. With CloudCall, you can easily grow and scale your business. It is ideal for businesses who want an easy-to-deploy, scalable and sophisticated communications system.


Stay ahead by working faster

Build better relationships

Turn communication into Intelligent Data that enables and empowers

Stay Ahead by Working Faster

* Simplify your communications process by calling and texting contacts directly from Dynamics 365.

* Use an integrated power dialler to automate outbound calling activities, helping to boost your team’s productivity.

* With a built-in dial pad in Dynamics 365, you can manage all calling activities on a single platform, right where your customer data is stored.

* Eliminate admin time by automatically logging and recording all calls against the contact’s record in Dynamics 365.

* The CloudCall Go! Mobile app provides you with an easy, flexible way to reach your CRM contacts directly from your mobile device, so that even when you are on the move, all calls are recorded and logged against the contact’s record within your CRM.

Build Better Relationships

* Know who callers are through inbound screen pops that open the contact’s record instantly, enabling you to quickly familiarise yourself with the caller’s history.

* By capturing valuable interactions such as call notes, recordings and text messages within Dynamics 365, you can access the full view of all your contact activities, helping you to build better relationships.

* Use Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software to direct the caller to calling groups or individuals that are prepared and qualified to deal with the callers’ requests, providing a better customer experience.

Turn Communication into Intelligent Data that Empowers and Enables

* Access real-time dashboards and reporting that provide powerful insights around the way that your teams communicate, helping your business make better decisions.

* Monitor performance and conduct real-time training with the supervisor panel, giving managers the ability to listen to or engage with live calls.

* Train your team better through call recordings that allow you to demonstrate the right conversations and processes that your teams should have.

Did you know? Cloudcall has already been proven as benefit to many Dynamics users

CloudCall continues to be an easy-to-use feature of our infrastructure. Our consultants spend the majority of their day on calls and CloudCall makes the process incredibly swift and straightforward.” – Harrington Starr

Our experience of CloudCall has been extremely positive. From quote, through to go live; the process was well thought-out, planned and implemented with great professionalism. We have drastically reduced our call costs and improved our sales processes since implementing CloudCall.” – e-Careers

Want to integrate Cloudcall with your Dynamics 365?

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