Marketing Decanted for SME's Podcast

In our latest podcast series, we’ll be spilling the secrets of marketing for small and medium-sized businesses, with special guests including experienced marketers and business owners. Expect to laugh, learn, and come away with marketing homework!

Marketing Decanted Episodes

Ep 1: The Social Net-Worth

Special Guest: Steven Thompson
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  • Ep 2: Talk To The Brand

    Special Guest: Bill Wallsgrove
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  • Ep 3: Marketing On a Shoestring

    Special Guest: Rachel King
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  • Ep 4: Virtually Perfect

    Special Guest: Luke Quilter
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  • Ep 5: Making Data Sexy

    Special Guest: Gary Cole
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  • Ep 6: The Full Story

    Special Guest: Jon Card
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  • Marketing Decanted for SMEs Podcast: Your Hosts


    Carlene Jackson

    Carlene is the Founder and CEO of Brighton-based tech company Cloud9 Insight. Carlene is often featured in the media discussing her views on leadership and culture. Appearances include BBC Global News and the Leadership Podcast with Lord Blunkett.


    Zoe England

    Zoe is the Strategic Partnerships Director at CRM specialist Cloud9 Insight. Zoe brings a unique perspective to marketing, focusing on partnering and relationships to achieve business growth.

    Could you be one of our special guests?

    We’re looking for marketers or business owners who want to share their marketing success and insights with a new audience.

    Joining Cloud9 Insight CEO Carlene Jackson and Partnerships Director Zoe England, our VIP guests will share anecdotes, top tips, and any trade secrets for small business marketing.

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