Ep 3: Marketing On a Shoestring

Special Guest: Rachel King
Episode 3: Marketing On a Shoestring -Marketing Decanted for SMEs Podcast

Rachel King, Marketing Director at Breathe, joins Carlene and Zoe to discuss how to make a big impact with a little budget.

With 25 years of marketing experience, Rachel took the HR tech platform Breathe from a start-up to a highly successful business with more than 9,000 customers and 500 partners.

With a passion for positivity and bringing out the best in people, Rachel knows how to put a good spin on a difficult situation. Expect to come away with tips on getting the most out of a small marketing budget.


Rachel: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/rachel-king-538a7138
Breathe: https://www.breathehr.com/en-gb/


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