CloudCall for Dynamics 365

Capture all your important conversations, manage your call activity and make calls directly, all from inside the CRM, with CloudCall for Dynamics 365.

With CloudCall for Dynamics 365, you can...

1. Enhance quality of data and insights

By having a deeper view of your call statistics, you can use these analytics to inform business decisions.

2. Capture all communications

All your calls, texts and conversations are stored and saved within Dynamics 365.

3. Optimise processes and save time

Our features, such as Inbound Screen Pops, Call Recordings and Click to Dial were developed to save you time with every process.

4. Personalise every conversation

The ability to quickly check a thorough CRM record for a contact enables you to familiarise yourself with a case and deliver a best in class service.

5. Keep connected with your team

With all CRM records accessible by the whole team at any time, colleagues can efficiently assist with any case or customer.

6. Work from anywhere

With just a laptop and an internet connection, you can access all of these features, no matter where you are working from.

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