CRM for Professional Services: Improve the experience for your customers by using CRM tech to harness data4 min read

A CRM for professional services can make your team wins even betterCRM for Professional Services: Improve the experience for your customers by using tech to harness data

How well do you know your audience?

The many ways customers experience brands, products and services plays a vital role in how they are judged, but what does ‘customer experience’ actually mean when it comes to professional services?

Simply put, customer experience is the main impression your customers have of your company as they move through all parts of the buyer’s journey. This is crucial because it affects key business metrics, such as how much each customers spends, and whether or not they might recommend what you offer.

A digital Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, more specifically, a CRM for professional services such as your own, can help users create a smooth experience by using data to personalise and tailor communications with prospects, first-time customers and even repeat buyers; simply put, it takes the hard work out of identifying who exactly your customers are.

Interested? Let’s dig into three vital methods Customer Relationship Management tech can improve your customer experience. Consider this CRM for Professional Services 101!

Man using the features of CRM for professional services to stay connectedEngage with your customers on the channels and devices they actually use

When you choose a CRM system like Microsoft Dynamics 365, you’re taking the hassle out of helping and supporting your customers; gone are the days of wasting precious time responding to every client manually! Via a CRM for professional services like your own, they will be able to find solutions via self-service, or an online community/social media channel – the software knows to direct from any channel to the right agent, to keep things personal.

It may sound obvious, but knowing how your audiences engage with your content, product or service is half the battle.

Responses can even be automated using artificial intelligence, meaning customised bots can always be on-hand – at the ready, any time of day. That frees up the humans in your organisation to focus on more technical tasks or complex enquiries. In fact, a good system will even analyse data from each connected device, meaning support issues can be flagged and headed off way before they have the chance to become real headaches. By now, you should be starting to see the tangible benefits of CRM, and CRM for professional services such as your own.

Supercharge your scores with a CRM for professional servicesIt’s time to get personal, with your most valuable personnel

A good CRM system will allow you to collect data on why your customers came to you in the first place, as well as their buying and spending habits; we don’t have to tell you that it pays to know the kind of customers you’re dealing with, and what prompts them to keep coming back. It will not only provide key insights into customer experience but will help your employees ascertain vital information such as where they first heard about your business, what the contact points were that led up to them buying from you and how well those interactions worked.

CRM technology delivers relevant data to customer service agents through an intuitive interface that dynamically directs them to the appropriate action. Eliminating the guesswork of one too many forms and spreadsheets cuts down on stress and will empower you to replicate your greatest success stories. Anticipate need and demand, personalise every interaction and confidently deliver value at every touchpoint.

A CRM for professional services could help your team better understand their customers

Learn, improve and innovate with a CRM for Professional Service

A CRM for professional services utilises intuitive questionnaires, chat forms, FAQ and social media integration and tracking to help you improve every step of your customer service. Users can even accelerate onboarding with specialised, tailored in-app learning that guarantees your customer service team are always informed.

Ready to launch your next exciting venture? It could even hypothetically speed up your time to market, empowering you with intuitive, easy-to-understand site builders and no-code visual editors to build, deploy and advertise apps easily. Integrate systems services along every step of your customer’s service journey, creating improved engagement at every contact point.

The best contact forms (and forms of contact!) are the ones that are easy for every party to use.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is able to do all of this by automating processes across Dynamics 365 Customer Service, the Dynamics 365 collection (stack) of powerful applications and third-party systems. With the option to have a wholly cloud-based CRM platform, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re being backed up by Microsoft’s industry-leading data technology – your CRM solution, safe and secure.

Simply put, it’s tech you can trust.

Reach out today, and we’ll help you decide if our innovative Customer Relations Management tech is right for you.

We hope this article has inspired you to consider supercharging your SMB with a CRM. Of course, Cloud9 Insight is always on hand; if you need help of any kind, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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