Why SMBs Need Dynamics 365

If you could flick a switch and set your business on a path to steeper growth almost immediately, would you do that? Of course you would!

This is exactly what a customer relationship management (CRM) system can help you achieve. CRM systems, like Microsoft’s Dynamics 365, can transform businesses by enabling them to engage with customers and clients in completely new ways.

So how do CRM systems help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)?



Dynamics 365 helps SMBs manage contacts

Like most businesses, yours will have an extensive list of current customers and prospects. This might be split up into different databases and spreadsheets. You might be storing them centrally, in ‘the cloud’ – or perhaps you have those details on various laptops and desktops. A good CRM system won’t just collect and hold this data in one place, it will also track the history of every customer or prospect interaction so you can see useful data, like previous orders, enquiries and service requests. This means your conversations with those clients can be informed by the entire history of your engagements in a single view, making future interatcions more relevant. You will also be able to set automated prompts reminding you to follow up on calls or emails, ensuring you never miss a good opportunity – or an obligation – to get back in touch.



Dynamics 365 helps remove software headaches

Most SMB owners have fretted over the effectiveness and security of their software systems in the past because it was difficult to keep track on what tools needed to be updated or replaced – and at what point. A cloud-based CRM system removes this headache. It updates automatically and scales with your business so you always have the latest iterations of the technology and the most recent security features. And, because the CRM is cloud-based, it enables you and your colleagues to use the system wherever you are ­– meaning you can collaborate more often and at times, locations and devices that are convenient to you.



Dynamics 365 integrate with your other favourite tools

Whether your main goals are to increase lead generation, connect your sales and marketing processes or promote brand awareness, the flexibility of a good CRM system, like Dynamics 365, allows for a wide range of third party integrations to be connected to your solution. Connecting with third-party services like LinkedIn and MailChimp can help you keep on top of customer service in real time, ensuring you don’t let an enquiry slip or keep an interested prospect waiting too long for a response.

Whatever its size, CRM systems can transform the way your business interacts with customers almost overnight.

Click here to find out more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for SMBs.

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