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  • Are you an SMB operating in a Microsoft-centric environment?

  • Are you tired of managing a complex tech stack?

The challenges for SMBS

SMBs face a unique set of challenges when it comes to acquiring, retaining, and growing their customer base. They grapple with budget constraints, lack of specialised personnel, and the need to maximise the efficiency of their operations. This makes it imperative for SMBs to seek tailored solutions that not only address these challenges, but that do so in a cost-effective and user-friendly way.  Let’s dive a little deeper into the specific challenges SMBs are facing:

- Complex and costly sales and  marketing tech stack
SMBs often find themselves juggling multiple tools and vendors, each with its own learning curve, support, and integration challenges. The result? A fragmented and costly tech landscape that hinders growth.

- Siloed sales and marketing data and processes
Your CRM, marketing automation, and sales engagement systems may work independently, leading to data silos and misalignment between teams.

- Poorly qualified leads
Identifying truly promising leads can be a daunting task. Traditional lead scoring often falls short, leaving your sales team sifting through unqualified prospects.

- Lack of account and buyer group insights
In the B2B world, purchase decisions are made by teams, not individuals. Yet, most systems fail to capture the dynamics of buying groups, leaving you in the dark about your prospects' real needs.

- Manual and inconsistent sales practices
Many SMBs lack the resources to develop and implement efficient sales processes, resulting in inconsistent prospect engagement and wasted time

- Disjointed sales and marketing customer communications
Without a unified platform, your prospects receive mixed messages from your sales and marketing teams, causing confusion and slowing down the buyer's journey.

- Weak sales pipelines
Siloed data, misaligned teams, and poor-quality leads can lead to weak sales pipelines and missed opportunities. How can you strengthen the links between the different stages of your pipeline?

- Insufficient implementation skills
Implementing and integrating the right tech stack can be a hurdle for SMBs, often leading to underutilisation and unfulfilled potential.

We know that a one-size-fits-all option may not be the right one for your business. That’s why we offer 3 different solutions:

For businesses looking to host their entire customer journey within their CRM

For teams looking to take advantage of marketing automation

A unified sales and marketing solution

Find out more in our webinar:

Cloud9 Insight, in conjunction with ClickDimensions are hosting a webinar on the 16th November: How to Integrate Your Sales and Marketing Processes.  This free webinar will discuss the key challenges SMBs face and how an integrated Sales and Marketing CRM can tranfsrom your processes and boost your bottom line.

ClickDimensions PowerPack is the latest addition to the Cloud9 CRM portfolio and offers a unified solution designed to empower SMBs to overcome their hurdles and thrive in the competitive market.

CD PowerPack Blog

ClickDimensions PowerPack is the latest addition to the Cloud9 CRM portfolio.

ClickDimensions PowerPack offers a unified solution designed to empower SMBs to overcome their hurdles and thrive in the competitive market.

Designed specifically for (and in conjunction with) Microsoft-centric SMBs, PowerPack is designed explicitly to tackle your unique challenges. It seamlessly integrates Marketing Automation, CRM, and Sales Engagement, simplifying your tech stack and empowering your team to focus on their core strengths – acquiring, retaining, and growing customers. Here are some features and benefits:

Native Integration with Microsoft
Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, PowerPack natively integrates with your existing MS stack, providing a familiar environment and seamless user experience for your team.

End-to-End Customer Journey

PowerPack breaks down data and functional silos, aligning your sales and marketing teams. With all essential technologies integrated, you can facilitate the entire customer acquisition and retention process. PowerPack ensures that your prospects receive a consistent, coordinated experience across sales and marketing throughout the customer journey.

Streamlined Sales Pipeline

By unifying marketing and sales functionality, PowerPack helps you build stronger pipelines, shorten sales cycles, and drive revenue growth. Plus, automated sales sequences and consistent practices enable your team to engage prospects effectively and track results to improve over time.

Affordable Pricing
Say goodbye to unexpected costs and pricing complexity. PowerPack offers an affordable alternative for SMBs, with pricing that’s more accessible than other options with comparable features. 

Improved Lead Management with Buying Groups 
PowerPack empowers your team to not only identify and qualify leads more effectively but also provides vital account-level data and buyer group insights. This rich context enables your sales team to engage in more meaningful conversations, driving conversions and nurturing long-lasting customer relationships.

Seamless Implementation
PowerPack is designed for rapid implementation, ensuring your team can start benefiting from it quickly. You'll see a fast return on investment with high adoption and usage. And don't worry about implementation challenges. PowerPack comes with Cloud9’s expertise to guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth journey to CRM excellence. 



Expertise and Support: Your Ideal CRM Partner 

ClickDimensions PowerPack is a fantastic way to establish an efficient CRM process. It's purpose-built for businesses like yours, designed to align your sales and marketing efforts and drive growth.

At Cloud9 Insight, we are excited to work with ClickDimensions in bringing this new all-in-one solution to UK SMBs. However, we know that a one-size-fits all option may not be the right one for your business. That’s why for businesses looking to host their entire customer journey within their CRM we offer Dynamics365 Marketing. Or for teams just looking to take advantage of marketing automation, why not check out our integration between Dynamics365 and ClickDimensions.

To find out more about PowerPack, or any of our other marketing services, get in touch with our team.

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