Which Dynamics 365 Licence Best Suits Your Needs?

You want to benefit from Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing for your company, but you don't want to pay for one you don't need? Cloud9 Insight is aware of this. As a result, we listen to you to learn about your needs and assist you in finding the licence that is right for you. Our knowledgeable staff can provide you with licence and pricing advice in clear English, without the use of jargon.

How Is Dynamics 365 Licensed

Microsoft provides Dynamics 365 licences according to role-based modules, which are for specific business processes. Each module comes with an abundance of out-of-the-box functionality.

You subscribe to licences on a per user / per month basis. The exception is with Dynamics 365 for Marketing, which you license per tenant (your organisation).

Each user has a base module, usually with the core functionality to suit their role, e.g. Sales. If they need further functionality from the suite, such as Service, they can attach the Service module to their licence subscription at a heavily reduced rate.

Cloud9 Insight works with the following Dynamics 365 modules:

• Dynamics 365 for Sales
• Dynamics 365 for Marketing
• Dynamics 365 for Customer Service
• Dynamics 365 for Field Service
• Dynamics 365 for Project Operations
• Dynamics 365 for Business Central


Pricing for Dynamics 365 base licences

The prices below are per user / month and exclude VAT.

• Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise @ £85.92
• Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional @ £58.80
• Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Enterprise @ £85.92
• Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Professional @ £45.24
• Dynamics 365 Field Service @ £85.92
• Dynamics 365 Project Operations @ £108.60

Team member

Team Member licences are priced at £7.20 per user/month. These are read-only users and those who do not need to complete process functions such as lead to opportunity or case management.

Licences are available for read-only users who won't be completing any of the business functions or processes using CRM.

During a licence audit, we can help you understand which user roles need which licences and simplify any jargon with practical examples.

Other licences

Dynamics for Marketing is a per-tenant licence meaning you only need one licence per solution, rather than per user.

The Marketing module is provided based on the number of contacts to whom you are sending marketing emails in any given month:

  • 10,000 contacts receiving up to 100,000 emails per month @ £678.60 per tenant/month (requires a minimum of 10 Enterprise Dynamics licences for a discounted price)
  • Additional bundles of 5,000 contacts and 50,000 emails per month @ £226.20 per tenant / month
  • 10,000 contacts receiving up to 100,000 emails per month @ £1,357.44 per tenant / month (for those with less than 10 Enterprise Dynamics licences)


Attach licences are for individual users who need more functionality than their Base licences (above) provide. Dynamics 365 attach licences are priced at £18.12 per user/month. The following modules are available for as attach licences to the above base licences:


• Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise
• Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Enterprise
• Dynamics 365 Field Service


Common data platform

Your Dynamics 365 portal is seamlessly integrated with all your other Office365 applications, including Outlook and Teams. This makes navigation easier and simplifies internal communications.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing
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Pricing Assessment

Get in touch now for a licensing assessment. We’ll look at your business objectives to work out what type of Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing would help you meet them, and which Dynamics 365 pricing would be most cost-effective for your project.

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