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It’s possible that you’re fairly (or even very) satisfied with your company’s marketing activities, whatever technology you’re using. But if you’re not integrating ClickDimensions with your CRM, you could be missing key opportunities to get your sales and marketing teams working together in the best way possible.

ClickDimensions is a marketing platform that creates a powerful link between your marketing activities and the data your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is generating and holding – so that your marketing is timely, relevant and highly-targeted. We answer some key questions below about why you should consider using ClickDimensions with your Microsoft Dynamics 356 CRM.


In a nutshell, what is ClickDimensions and why do users love it?

ClickDimensions is a marketing automation tool that empowers marketeers to combine CRM and marketing for lead generation and nurturing. The most beneficial aspect of ClickDimensions is the ability to bring sales and marketing closer, removing siloed approaches to business development and providing holistic overviews of effort and the resultant behaviours.

The number one reason why marketeers love ClickDimensions is that it enables them to interact with sales data directly, while still using an application that speaks their language and comprises the most common marketing features with continuous updates rolled out as voted by the user group community.

With sales teams constantly working on accounts, generating prospects and driving business development activities – and marketeers constantly driving campaigns aimed at increasing business development success – it is crucial for a holistic view over contact and lead activities and behaviours that drive mutual decisions and campaigns form both departments.

ClickDimensions integrates seamlessly with your CRM to reflect contact and lead activities, lead scores, active campaigns, sales activities and behaviours. It empowers marketeers to truly embrace data-driven marketing.


ClickDimensions’ campaign automation building tool

What are the main elements of marketing that ClickDimensions helps businesses with?

The key elements are:

  • Ensuring closer alignment between sales and marketing
  • Closing the gap between sales and marketing efforts and ensuring both drive the same objectives based on accurate data
  • Streamlined campaign management through automation features available to both the sales and marketing teams
  • Intelligent insights drawn from marketing campaigns that can be used for further audience segmentation and targeting
  • Advanced segmentation, enabling marketers to pull any contact or lead behaviour or status in real time and target those in campaigns
  • Advanced and simplified forms of A/B testing as part of email marketing and campaign automations to see what best works with audiences and drive future campaign formulation
  • A more accurate reflection of marketing influence and ROI based on campaign spend, audience behaviour and marketing touchpoints visible on contact records, leads and accounts



What types of analytics can you get from it and how might you feed them into your marketing planning?

Click Dimensions analytics extend to behavioural and profile-related insights regarding contacts, leads and accounts. Artificial lntelligence (A.I.) marketing activities return interaction insights and enable marketers to use those insights for further segmentation of audiences. ClickDimensions also takes audience profiling to the next level by enabling marketeers to show and hide data in email content based on the information captured in their profile. The tool constantly drives insights with functionality that empower you to apply those insights to make your marketing efforts more targeted and drive the desired objectives.

Another add-on provided by ClickDimensions is Intelligent Dashboards. This takes marketing intelligence, data-driven insights and holistic marketing to a new level as it brings data from various external sources into Dynamics, populates it into  dashboards and enables advanced reporting at the click of a button.

The volumes of data available to marketing teams should provide insights to plan campaigns, make performance improvements and demonstrate their contribution to the organisation’s results. But in many cases, marketing reporting is fragmented and reliant on manual processes which results in missed opportunities to proactively make improvements.

ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards removes these challenges by creating a clear view of sales and marketing activity to understand what is driving performance, and where attention is needed. With more than 170 KPIs tracked across 12 dashboards, to break down analytics quickly and effectively, ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards connects sales and marketing performance to pipeline and revenue.


ClickDimensions’ Marketing Calendar


What other useful features does ClickDimensions have?

  • Forms

There is various functionality with forms. Organisations can either embed or capture forms which means marketeers have flexibility when it comes the way that they want forms to display and can keep intrinsic web designs for forms while still having the information submitted into the Dynamics platform. From here, various actions can be automated, like adding leads to marketing lists, notifying relevant sales people or automatically adding the submissions into nurture journeys.

  • Automation Campaigns

This is a great way to drive behavioural insights while automating marketing actions. Events are the best way to explain the power of campaign automations; marketeers can create lists in a campaign automation, add people who register for the event to the list through the form submission, enable sales to add people to the invite list by clicking one button and then have various actions such as email invites, speaker information, reminders and follow-ups kick off. The most powerful capability in campaign automations lie in the ability to drive actions based on behaviours such as emails opened or not, links clicked etc

  • Marketing Calendar

The ClickDimensions Marketing Calendar displays all activities occurring within the system. This is a great way for teams to have visibility over campaigns and to see who is performing what action, when activities are scheduled to run and also have a historic overview of all marketing activities.

  • Surveys

Surveys offer advanced logic and conditions, enabling marketers to gather feedback and insights and to drive survey questions according to the responses received. These surveys will also be captured against the contact or lead who responded and can drive actions similar to forms, such as adding respondents to a list or kicking off automated mailers after submissions.

For more information on ClickDimensions, book a call or a demo with one of our friendly experts in the sales team by clicking here.



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