What is Dynamics 365 and why would I need it?

Dynamics 365 is a streamlined customer relationship management software that integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products to help users experience the highest level of online or on premise solution.

Users can navigate through different apps on Dynamics to achieve a view that can spread across their whole business, or focus more closely on specific parts. These views can be reduced or expanded by different licences that can be bought through Cloud9 at varying costs starting from just £5.30 (for a sales member licence).

crm process

The idea of businesses having a streamlined CRM stems from a main focus of Customer service and retention. Clients who deploy the solution across their business will be able to grow customer database, improve customer service and maintain customer retention. Every project we deploy can be complimented by in house training and support all provided by Cloud9.

“Dynamics is providing a unified view of our customers and prospects across both our European and US companies”- Esight Energy Group