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Learn how to to sell and implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 with our Mini Sales MBA*

Cloud9 University is a 12-week course that educates busy salespeople to sell Microsoft Dynamics 365 to business leaders in a credible, consultative manner.

There has never been a better time to sell Microsoft Dynamics 365. Use is exploding and margins are high for resellers. Yet the huge market of UK businesses using Modern Workplace is still almost untapped with only 2% also using Dynamics.

Therefore, businesses in the Microsoft Partner Channel need to be engaged in marketing and selling Dynamics.

Welcome to Cloud9 University.

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Cloud9 University – our purpose

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Check out the prospectus for our Mini Sales MBA course. It contains a week-by-week guide to the powerful techniques and tools you will need to sell Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The need for Cloud9 University – a word from CEO Carlene Jackson

The opportunity for businesses, particularly those in I.T., to offer Microsoft Dynamics 365 to their customers and clients is well-known.And a view has proliferated that if partners are taught how to use the software, then they will be able to sell it.

In reality, it is business conversations, focused on strategic goals, that will persuade decision-makers to embark on a CRM implementation, spreading usage of Dynamics throughout the UK economy.

And while knowledge of products is important, partners need to know about so much more.

The challenge for Microsoft, distributors, managed service providers (MSPs) and re-sellers is that tech sales people in their partner networks often do not understand how to have those business conversations to sell cloud solutions.

And, while there are many courses in existence that can help people become functional consultants in Dynamics, there are few that enable businesses to explain to their B2B customers why they should implement the software. Instead, they often focus on preparing people for exams.

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*Mini Sales MBA refers to the style of the course; this is not an accredited MBA

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