Cloud9 Support

To complement and enhance your CRM experience, Cloud9 offers access to our outstanding Support team through a monthly membership.

Why have Support?

You’ll have expert knowledge at your fingertips, be able to rectify any issues quickly, and learn to get the most out of your system.

Who is it for?

Any business using Dynamics 365 CRM – Cloud9 needn’t have implemented your system for you to enjoy our award-winning Support.

What does support cover?

How to questions

Unlimited Training

Tweaks & changes

User Adoption

Break-Fix Support

Annual Optimisation Review

Choose your Support package

Support pricing depends on the total number of total CRM users. Price breakdown is as follows:

1 - 10 Users

£375 per month

11 - 40 Users

£550 per month

41 - 100 Users

£750 per month

101 - 200 Users

£1,050 per month

200 + Users

£1,500 per month

Optional Managed Account

You can also choose an optional Managed Account package, providing you with a dedicated Account Manager and additional consultancy time at a discounted rate.

Level 1 Managed Account

£850 per month

Level 2 Managed Account

£450 per month

Download our Support Contract

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