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Would you like to make it easier for your customers, employees and all other contacts to interact with your data – all while reducing your service costs?

Then use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Web Portals for your blogs, forums, knowledge articles and service options. with Microsoft Dynamics 365 web portals. They extend the capabilities of Microsoft Power Platforms by offering self-service capabilities and infinite design options to increase the value of the data in your CRM.

Provide a Better Customer Experience

Cloud9 Insight helps your organisation benefit from CRM with Dynamics 365 in these five steps:

Your portal users can view and interact with information personal to them within a single interface. You can either let them only read the data, or enable them to write changes, which are sent directly to Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dataverse (formerly Common Data Service). In addition, web portals can be used to:

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Step 1: Publish

Publish details of contracts, agreements, applications, appointments, and projects.

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Step 2: Configure

Configure interactive features including community forums.

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Step 3: Personalisation

Include dynamic content for advanced personalisation so that portal pages, controls and layouts are adaptable for different user types.

You can customise a portal to fit virtually any situation.

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