Hospitality and Leisure

We understand you need to be confident that your CRM project is in the right hands.

Using expert consultants, we implement, train, and support Hospitality and Leisure clients with their CRM projects. By understanding the pain points and possible solutions within your industry, you can be assured that Cloud9 will tailor your CRM entirely to your business needs.

At a glance

Maximise the experience for customers

Gain a better understanding of customer insights and trend analysis

Increase the lifetime value of a customer through cross-selling and upselling

Manage and engage customer touchpoints through multiple channels

Key features

With increased flexibility, speed of service and improved access to vital information, Cloud9 Hospitality streamlines operations and provides unbeatable customer experiences.

Automated quote and proposal process

Clear and accurate reporting

Automated lead nurturing and cross-selling

End-customer profiling

Automated booking portal

Optional ticketing system

See for yourself

See how Dynamics365 has catapulted our Hospitality and Leisure clients to business success

“The Cloud9 support team have always jumped straight on requests and issues to ensure the smooth running of our operations. Their patience, promptness and excellent execution allows us to carry on with our day to day and rest easy, knowing our system runs without fault.”

– Jack Turner, Head of Events

Sport & Leisure Industry

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