Partnering in the Microsoft Ecosystem

What is partnering in the Microsoft Ecosystem?

Cloud9 Insight has increased profit by 60% and leads by 70% in 18 months. What is the secret to being a successful Microsoft reseller? We asked the experts for their top tips on partnering.

Cloud9 spoke with Mark Deacon (Partner Technology Strategist at Microsoft), Elena Baeva (365 Talent Portal and on the board of IAMCP), Zoe England (Partnership Director of Cloud9 Insight), Andrew Hoockway (Extech Cloud) and Robert Pope (Dynamics Territory Manager).

So, what is partnering?

Working with organisations with a similar client base to identify opportunities for collaboration to provide many services in one package deal, which compliment each other. This means that customers, who are complex and have rapidly evolving needs, can deal with one organisation to manage their whole estate, whilst still reaping all the benefits of all your offerings.

What are the benefits of partnering?

By partnering, your organisation will remain relevant to your customer base by offering a broader portfolio, as you can deliver what you may not be a specialist in while maintaining the high quality of your services. You can leverage other opportunities available and maintain your customer base as if you are not offering a service to your clients, someone else might be!

Top tips from the experts?

“Have a good idea of what you want out of the relationship”

“Research the marketplace and identify top companies which offer solutions you would see as complementary to yours”

“Have a cultural fit with the partner you are looking to work with”

“Join a networking association, to meet other senior executives who share your passion”

“Grow your pipeline by leveraging your contacts”

And more…
Watch to find out why partnering is the new business model, to ensure business success by offering SMB partners a real opportunity for growth.
Cloud9 Insight is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner supporting the growth of SMBs through implementation, support and training of Microsoft Cloud Technologies including Dynamics 365 and Office 365.

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