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Small and medium-sized businesses will be the backbone of the economy as it rebounds from the Pandemic. Imagine a union of SMEs that starts here in Sussex with the goal of driving that economic recovery and expands to every corner of the United Kingdom. Cloud9 Growth Hub is that union – a innovative collective of five diverse but mutually-supportive businesses in South East England. Our mission is to help SMEs navigate the complexities of the modern workplace and we will do that by hosting a quarterly series of powerful talks that inspire ambition and growth. Our speaker-led events will be sometimes be challenging, will often be ground-breaking and will always be invaluable.

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Strategies to scale your business - Stories and learnings from growth journeys that drive business success

  • Is your SME looking to grow and scale up?

  • Are you a sole practitioner who is considering taking on staff and growing your organisation?

  • Are you looking for free advice, and expert insight in to how to maximise your business growth potential?

....if you answered yes to any of these questions, then this free seminar (with breakfast) may just be the event for you: A morning of expert insight into how to grow your business, with breakfast provided and ample networking opportunities if you fancy having a conversation with people and organisations at a similar stage to yours.

Cloud9 Growth Hub has gathered 5 successful professionals to talk through transforming your business.

Topics and speakers:

Our host for the morning is Curt Bean, Managing Director of Cloud9 Insight. Who will be introducing these speakers and topics:


Apprenticeships; Driving innovation, growth and diversity for business, Paul Rolfe, Associate Principal, Employers and Stakeholders, Chichester College Group (Guest Speaker)

Apprenticeships offer a cost-effective and impactful way to attract new talent as well as upskilling existing talent in your business. Paul will demystify apprenticeships, giving case studies on how they have been used in various local businesses to support diversity, growth and innovation.

Building the culture, Elissa Pette, People and Culture Director, Cloud9 Insight (event sponsor):

In the early days of business scaling, it is important to set up the ideal culture and company paradigm. Getting the most suitable first 20 people on the bus is vital in making this work. Effective recruitment of those key roles sets up your culture and helps to then retain the best. What are best processes and systems you should be implementing for inductions, probations, retention and how do you get the best out of your people? A true expert in this field, Elissa will give you some great insight, takeaways and tips for success.

Tempted to acquire, Adrian Alexander, partner at FRP Advisory (event sponsor) :

Bringing your management and employees into ownership can be fundamental to helping your company grow. Adrian Alexander from FRP Corporate Finance will explain how a ‘Two Step’ Management Buyout or an Employee Ownership Trust can help facilitate this whilst also providing an alternative exit plan for the owners. He will explain how this can really drive growth and benefit all of the stakeholders in the business.

The drive for efficiency, Gerry Lawrence, Regional Director at Freeman Clarke (event sponsor) :

Your business is doing well, sales are on the up, but so are costs. Finding the right people to grow the business further is becoming a challenge. You were expecting to get economies of scale as the business grows, but you seem to be adding people as revenue grows and those savings always seem to be just out of reach. Your aim is to keep growing, but simultaneously drive efficiency, improve reliability and improve client engagement all at the same time. Is too much to ask? Or is this the roadmap for your next phase of growth?

Legal Considerations, Karen Lord, Partner at Healys (event sponsor):

Having heard about some of the things you can do to grow your business, how do you make sure that you are taking care of things from a legal perspective, those things that as your organisation grows you may need to focus on? You want to grow but you need to do it properly and legally. In this session Karen will discuss some of the key legal risks you might face and how you can make the law work for you and your business.

What’s included?

  • A selection of pastries and breakfast favourites, teas and coffees, juices - so you don't have to network on an empty stomach
  • Five insightful talks from leading industry professionals
  • A panel discussion and a chance to ask your burning questions

Dress Code

We’re in Brighton, so come as you are; whatever makes you feel comfortable!

About Cloud9 Growth Hub

Cloud9 Growth Hub is dedicated to researching and sharing unmissable knowledge through short talks and presentations. Our goal is to inform and educate UK business audiences in an accessible way.

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