Why Partner With Cloud9?

Cloud9 Insight are a Microsoft Gold partner, specialising in the implementation of Dynamics 365/CRM. Cloud9 were proudly part of the Microsoft Presidents Club for 2015, awarded to the top 5% of partners globally. We only recruit highly experienced, certified Dynamics consultants that can offer best practice advice on business change and adoption of CRM.

Cloud9 are passionate about training and offer ongoing, flexible support packages for new and existing customers. These are designed to ensure a fast ROI and enhance user adoption.

Cloud9 offer a shared profit % of services and are open to fully white-labelling our services. Submit a referral here

We offer completely free, pre-sales support and full transparency to you and your client through the implementation process.

Perhaps you’re unsure whether your Dynamics is a good-fit for your client?

Our ‘Hands Up! Who needs CRM? video could be the answer or a short video clip on its capabilities. Also take a look at our CRM Services area to match up their needs with one of our many implementation services.

Your client may also need Training or Support – we’ve got that covered too.

If your clients are in need of a best in class CRM solution, then our Cloud9 Partnership Agreement may be the tool you need to offer your customer what they want without the need to speak to the competition.

Whether you’re an IT services provider, Marketing consultancy or just want to please your customer, Cloud9 will offer you all the support and resources you need to close the deal and offer a nice referral fee to boot!

Project Life Cycle

project life cycle image, budget, confirmation, requirements, phase 1, mid-sprint, go live, support, phase 2

Below are our default implementation package template Statements of Work:

Fast Track 

Fast Track Marketing 

Training Accelerator

At the beginning of a project it’s important to be fully transparent. Using our budgeting guide, the client can gain an understanding of what each area of a project may cost and creates an open discussion about the clients budget.

Cloud9 Budgeting-guide March 2017 

Following the initial pre-sales and budgeting discussions, it’s now crucial to refine the clients needs and what they expect us to deliver. The pre-project questionnaire creates a condensed project outline with estimated start, training and go live dates which gives a timeline for Cloud9 to work towards. It outlines how clients and stakeholders want to measure the success of the project. Allowing partners and (Cloud9) to work towards something tangible and be able to evaluate the success of the project on completion.

Pre Project Questionnaire

Once Dynamics is the chosen solution and the high-level scope of the project is determined. The next step is to conduct a requirements gathering and scoping workshop. This highly detailed engagement delves deeply into clients needs and produces a detailed requirements document, like the one below, which lists each technical requirements line by line and a list of business requirements it will support.

The consultant, sales member and client then reviews this document and agrees a final copy to propose for sign-off and implementation.

Blank Detailed Requirements Document

The Phase 1 project, detailed requirements are then signed-off by the client and the project commence.

We are open to white labelling our documentation if required. Please contact us for a sample or to complete a Statement of Work.

During the project, before the go live date; Customers can expect to receive a mid-sprint review from Cloud9. This offers a chance for changes and optimisations to be made before the Go Live date, to further enhance the immediate ROI and user adoption.

Once any desired mid-sprint changes are made, thorough testing will take place before user experience optimisation training takes place.

Cloud9 Training Accelerator 

Going Live can be a daunting time for any business and it is one of the final pieces of the puzzle. Cloud9 have a wealth of experience supporting clients at this time and as well as the project management part of the project, we provide a range of support offerings to suit.


Support Contracts

Future Phases aim to optimise a clients solution further by automating parts of a process or including other parts of the business to support. Sometimes Phase 2 may be an implementation of those ‘nice to have’ requirements from the initial implementation.

When a client wants to mature further in their CRM journey, an Optimisation Review is advised to outline the scope of the phase and offer best practice advice on what the client wants to achieve.

The project then follows the same process as an initial phase where the clients requirements are mutually reviewed and proposed for sign-off and delivery.

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