Thinking of Hiring an Apprentice? Do it!


At Cloud9, we have been lucky enough to experience a great success with apprentices. As a result, we’ve offered long-term career opportunities, sponsored MBAs, created leadership opportunities and increased apprenticeship placements throughout different departments.

From this experience, our CEO, Carlene Jackson, has written an A-Z Blue Print for Hiring and Managing Apprentices.

If you’re an SME considering investment in apprenticeships, read this free e-guide offering advice on how to go about recruitment, supporting learning and development in the workplace and making a success of your apprentices to the benefit of your business.




Why Hire an Apprentice?

There are many reasons why hiring an apprentice is a great thing to do. At Cloud9 we believe it’s an important, ethical initiative to give young people or mature adults the confidence and skills to be successful and an excellent way to invest in future talent for your business. We have found hiring apprentices has enabled us to allocate more time for the team to do all the extra little things that really matter to increase overall customers’ satisfaction. Even more, hiring apprentices has also enabled us to promote new leaders in the team, giving them management, coaching and training experience. Typically, the starting salary for apprentices is £650 a month, so with good mentoring and training and a clear vision of their objectives, it is not difficult to justify this level of business investment.