Activate IUR

Activate IUR has been created by Cloud9 Insight for Microsoft Resellers and Partners to embrace their Internal Use Rights for Dynamics 365 whether Action Pack, Silver or Gold Partners.

What is IUR?

“Internal Use Rights” otherwise known as IUR is a software licence made available to Microsoft partners in order to learn more about Microsoft products.

Each Microsoft Reseller is entitled to a certain amount of software licenses depending on their competencies to allow the partner to get first-hand knowledge of features and capabilities, as well as use them for the company’s own benefit.

For more information from Microsoft about your IUR, where you can find them and the benefits, click here

To take advantage and activate your IUR licences, get in touch with Zoe England, our Partner Manager today at or on +44(0)1273 921510.

Activate IUR includes:

*Data Import is included for 4 entities and templates will be provided

The cost of ‘Activate IUR’ is £2,400 (ex. VAT, for a discounted one-off implementation fee), then £24 per user per month.


To take advantage and activate your IUR licences, get in touch with Zoe England, our Partner Manager today at or on 01273 921510.

What is Activate IUR?

Activate IUR is a Cloud9 pre-configured solution built on your Dynamics 365 licence, tailored to the generic needs of the Microsoft partner. 

Activate IUR provides the Reseller with a ready-to-go, out of the box Dynamics365 solution to support your business.  You can choose a combination of the two different solutions below:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service


Activate IUR is built on the latest D365 Interface and is a quick start Phase One. This will help you:


  • take advantage of your free Dynamics 365 licences
  • help you accelerate the growth of your business
  • build your knowledge and internal awareness of the benefits of Dynamics 365
  • expand your product offering to include Dynamics 365 to your customers, supported by a partner where needed.

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