Embrace the sudden need for business change as an opportunity to grow and refine your processes


In this time of crisis, we are seeing there are two categories of companies emerge:

  1. Those focused on survival at the extreme, battening down the hatches, eliminating cost and with a skeleton crew to ride the storm.
  2. Those that can see the light at the end of the tunnel and have more time to reflect on the future after the storm passes. 

We are seeing many companies that are confident in being able to getting through ‘the other side’ of this crisis realise that there has never been a better time to invest in improving their processes, adjusting what they can do for clients how to deliver excellent customer service.

Harness your processes

Profitability requires a high-performing business that has adopted modern technology to support the business as it grows out of any economic downturn. For some, it will be a case of doing more with fewer resources, perhaps growing a new team quickly adopting company best practices.

For other more forward-thinking companies, it will be a realization that it’s not just your products that form your IP, but your processes too that differentiate you from your competition and make you – you!

Keep hold of your customers

At this time, managing and keeping your customers has never been more important and you will need to ensure you understand their value to your business and that every part of your business can deliver on their expectations. Investing in marketing is essential, as too many business become internally focused at this time.

Empower your employees

Are you driven for more control and visibility of your employees whilst they work from home, while looking to empower your team to make better decisions (requiring easy access to data) at point of contact with customers?

CRM enables all employees to have easy shared access to necessary client data to do their role, and protects the company from ‘one-man’ dependency whereby important processes, client data and essential activities are not in a single team member’s head, but in a central shared system that protects employers and continuity of service to clients.

Get funded

On top of all of these reasons, companies are also seizing the opportunity of easy access to money in many cases up to £250K of funding without PG to invest in modernizing their technology.

Seize the day

If you are an ambitious business with more time on your hands at the moment, why not use this opportunity to modernize and implement a Microsoft Dynamics CRM (while you have the bandwidth and mindset to focus on this business change project)?

With cloud technology, all work can be delivered remotely with great success and training. Use the next three months to modernise your business with a platform to help you launch your business back to a growth trajectory.


Reasons to choose Microsoft Dynamics with Cloud9

• Completely cloud-based, no server needed. 

• We can deliver 100% remotely, and get you up and running from within 14 days 

• Highly-customisable – your system will seamlessly adapt to your unique business needs.

• You get peace of mind with a Microsoft product 

• Super easy integration with your existing Office 365 suite and other business apps such as Microsoft Teams 

• You can be ready to take on any future business continuity scenarios, knowing your business is safe in the cloud. 
Ready to hit the ground running with CRM?

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Calling all Managed Service Providers and Office 365 Partners

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You’ll immediately be able to offer CRM to your clients, and we’ll manage the sales cycle for you – including implementation, training, and support.
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