Apprenticeships are an invaluable way to bring new talent into your business. With National Apprenticeship Week drawing to a close, we shine a light on the top five benefits apprentices can bring to your small to medium-sized organisation.

1. Address your skills shortage

Talent shortage is a huge barrier for many SMEs. Business growth is hindered as a result, as it becomes difficult to scale teams at a pace to match the current growth of the tech sector. Apprenticeships that incorporate structured training relevant to the role – as well as shadowing opportunities coached by an experienced mentor – can ensure apprentices add immense value to your team in a short period of time.

2. Free up time for more senior members of staff

Hiring an apprentice means you can take away the basic tasks from your more expensive employees, giving them more time to work on strategic activities that will ultimately help you grow your business.

3. Mould talent to fit with your workplace culture

By hiring an apprentice with little or no prior work experience, you are developing talent for your business’s future growth, aligned with your own culture and business needs.

4. Add value and diversity to your team

Apprenticeships give the opportunity for individuals of all backgrounds to get on the career ladder. In addition, apprentices can quickly add value to your team, helping to reduce staff turnover and recruitment costs.

5. Find time for the little things

Having an apprentice gives SMBs the potential to do some of the little things (that you may otherwise be too busy to do) that could make a big difference to the customer experience. Having a member of the team addressing these details will create value for your customers and drive company loyalty.