We recommend TIBCO’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector add-on for complex data migrations and real-time integration with back-end solutions such as Navision. TIBCO easily brings your customer data anywhere it’s needed so your applications can create business value faster.

Microsoft Dynamics ™ CRM Connectivity

By investing in real time integration of your CRM solution with other solutions such as ERP you can streamline your customer processes and in turn improve your customer experiences with your organisation. Cloud9 Insight are a partner of TIBCO and have certified consultants to support you with your complex data migration and real-time integration needs. Based on its marketing leading position and recommendation from Microsoft, we recommend using TIBCO for all your complex data migration and real-time integration needs. TIBCO have been providing integration connectivity to Microsoft Dynamics CRM from v1.0 to all versions of 2013 – online premise and hosted. TIBCO invest in continuous development to ensure upgrades of CRM are supported to ensure limited disruption to your solution after upgrades.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector

TIBCO’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector gives you access to all Microsoft Dynamics CRM entities and incorporate the full range of business logic associated with these entities. They have optimized the API experience to make your integration experience simple, fast, and easy saving you services costs associated with integrations and migrations. If you have Scribe Online or TCI Connect already, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector has been automatically installed, simply configure a Dynamics CRM connection and start integrating.

Business Benefits

  • Automate common business operations by integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your other applications such as ERP and Marketing.
  • Synchronize financial data such as invoice, orders, and other relevant information your sales people need.
  • Automate resource intensive processes such as sales order processing and quote approvals.
  • Reduce and remove manual process to get marketing and social data synchronized with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Automate your prospect to lead conversion between your marketing applications.
  • Give your sales people greater and richer intelligence about their customer in one place, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Technical Benefits

  • Exposes virtually every entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to create, read, update and delete data.
  • Supports custom fields and custom entities.
  • Presents relationships between entities to support more powerful query operations.
  • Can be used for bi-directional integrations, data loading and migrations.
  • Use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM API’s impersonation capabilities to perform actions available only to non-interactive users.
  • Supports CRM’s integration mode.
  • Optimized performance with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s API bulk load method and TIBCO’s proprietary “fast load” capability.

TIBCO’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector gives you the deep capabilities and performance you need while making it as easy as possible to configure a wide variety of integration and migration tasks quickly.

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