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We recently posted about Microsoft’s new release of Dynamics 365 for Marketing which is now widely available for purchase. However, with so many marketing automation solutions on the market, we’re often asked by our clients what is the best solution for SMBs?

Whether your main goals are to increase lead generation, connect your sales and marketing processes or promote brand awareness, the flexibility of Dynamics 365 allows for a wide range of third party integrations to be connected to your solution which our IT Support team is happy to assist with.

When choosing your marketing solution, bear in mind that the prices will often be based on the number of contacts you have in your marketing lists, the volume of emails shots you send a month and additional features such as incorporating campaign automation and survey builders, for instance.

We’ve put together an introductory comparison to the solutions we support with Dynamics 356. If you would like further advice or a free demo of ClickDimensions, MailChimp or Dynamics 365 for Marketing, fill out this form, or call us on +44 1273 921510.


Dynamics 365
for Marketing


Dynamics 365 for Marketing completes Microsoft’s suite of CRM applications, providing users with a complete end-to-end view of their business processes.

Use this marketing platform to design interactive customer journeys to nurture leads with personalised experiences, tap into LinkedIn’s business prospects, organise events and customise the application to suit the needs of your marketing team.

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Take confidence in Cloud9 for implementing your ClickDimensions solution as we are proud Gold Partners and we use their marketing tools ourselves.

ClickDimensions is an advanced automation tool that lets users choose from a range of editors to create effective email shots from flexible drag and drop templates to custom HTML design.

If your marketing team is dedicated to improving on the performance of email marketing performance, use ClickDimensions for split testing which allows you to compare the success of two email shots considering factors such as CTA’s, subject lines and bounce rates.

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Help your organization refine your communications with clients and build more meaningful interactions with PowerMailChimp. CRM marketing lists to send out bulk emails from CRM through MailChimp routers and track vital statistics back to CRM, including sends, successful deliveries, opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes.

PowerMailChimp connects the activities taken by actual contacts, leads or accounts, making it easy for Dynamics 365 users to get direct insight on who has interacted with their emails and take direct action!

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Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart - Marketing Integrations D365

In Conclusion


We suggest MailChimp is the option for businesses who don’t do a lot of marketing or ClickDimensions if you want a very high-end marketing automation solution. Although Dynamics 365 for Marketing has only been released in Spring 2018, this application will complete the Dynamics package, creating a completely integrated CRM ecosystem.