Cloud9 is delighted to have made the shortlist for FSB’s (Federation of Small Businesses) Wellbeing Award of the Year.

The award recognises businesses that create an environment for their employees to succeed through commitment to the health and wellbeing of their workforce. 
Some of Cloud9’s wellbeing initiatives include:

  • Mental health support for employees
  • Unlimited unpaid leave
  • Free weekly massages
  • Fully equipped kitchen to encourage healthier eating
  • Regular employee recognition events (see press coverage of our KICK days

Talking about employee wellbeing, Cloud9 CEO Carlene Jackson said: 

“I’m very passionate about our employees’ happiness and wellbeing. I also believe that having a set of shared values, as well as a strong company culture, are central to people’s happiness at work. As CEO, I take personal responsibility for my employees’ wellbeing and tied to that is the fact that our values are front of mind in all that we do, especially recruitment. We always try to attract candidates that will preserve and enhance our culture.

We have created initiatives to celebrate the company culture and these become stories shared which are cherished as the company grows. These include fun, off-site strategy away days and lunch and learn sessions on various food themes. I wish to empower and make the teams contribution feel valued and celebrated. We proactively seek opportunities to have fun. For example, we recently participated in a VR mindfulness meditation session. We also have off-site quarterly team strategy planning trips, which included a trip to Amsterdam on a modern house boat.”