For many years the boardroom has been the main place for all the important decisions to be made within a company as well as a place to discuss growth and future business goals, such as where you plan to take your company, future sales targets and company strategy or the vision of the organisation.

When you think about where you would rather sit when making the Big Decisions, would you rather be sitting in this sort of scenario:

Traditional Boardroom

Or, would you rather be sat in a light space; a relaxing and laid-back environment like below?

Amsterdam Houseboat

This is something Cloud9’s CEO Carlene Jackson is keen to continue endorsing, by taking her annual strategy meetings off-site. These have worked extremely well in the past, the most recent meeting being held in the Netherlands. Several employees, both leadership, and non-leadership were involved in all the key planning elements for the organisation over the next 12 months. This included looking at the company strategy, vision and mission statement.

This off-site session was held on a houseboat in Utrecht, Amsterdam which boasted floor to ceiling glass windows which were used as whiteboards during our brainstorming sessions and allowed for all creative ideas to be documented throughout the weekend. This weekend also allowed for the whole team to stay together in one location and encouraged socialising, going for runs in the Dutch countryside, team building and communal cooking for the duration of the stay.

Upon returning to the office, it was clear that the weekend had injected an increased sense of drive and enthusiasm amongst the team. Here are four reasons why you should consider taking a step outside the boardroom and hosting an offsite planning session.

Encourage Creativity 

Most companies hold all their meetings within the same four walls throughout the year. This can cause employees to become held back by their surroundings and find themselves staring out of the same window, or the same spot on the wall. When you remove your employees from their daily office and insert them into a beautiful and unfamiliar environment, you are more likely to find that market-leading idea or develop a plan on how you are going to achieve that next big goal! When you remove yourself from the same four walls, it lifts the limits on your creativity imposed by repetition.

Boost Employee Morale

When you run a business that is dependent on employees and how they interact with customers, it is extremely important to ensure that the message that is being portrayed to clients is that of a positive nature. Removing your employees from the office they work in daily and holding planning sessions in beautiful locations around the world can allow for fun, positive and creative ideas to evolve within brainstorming sessions. It also creates a sense of belonging and recognition for the employee, resulting in an increase in morale.

Develop Successful Friendships

On average individuals tend to spend more time with their co-workers (see here) than they would their own family and friends, therefore it is important that camaraderie is encouraged. When you have developed friendships within your team it also allows for trust and a support system to be developed – the significance of this within the workplace means that when you have a weakness that you can work with others in the team whose strengths can complement your limitations and allow for projects to become a success.

Cloud Technology

The development of cloud technology means that you are now able to access all your working documents anywhere in the world. Even more reason for you to take your meetings and planning sessions out of your daily office and on the road! There is no need for all meetings to take place within the same four walls and you can hold meetings, work on documents and work collaboratively anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. So, if you prefer working on the beach, in a cabin deep in the woods or just from the comfort of your own home – all of these are now viable options!

Encouraging companies to take a step outside of the traditional boardroom and take a more modern approach to meetings and strategy will help motivate creativity and boost production. As a leader, holding team building exercises and strategy sessions away from the office can allow for team bonding, problem-solving and a collaborative environment for future business goals to be set.

Take a leaf out of Cloud9 Insight’s book and make those first steps to modernising your business strategy by implementing Cloud technology to take your business anywhere. Organise a call with one of our consultants today by clicking here.