Have you discovered the new Microsoft Teams?

This solution may completely transform your teams productivity overnight  – and if you have Office 365? It’s FREE!


Free with Office 365

Do you have Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium or an E# Plan? If so then you will automatically have access to Teams. This solution is built on SharePoint and gives users access to a platform for sharing conversations, documents and other work activities.

Microsoft Teams screenshot

What is Teams

Teams is a platform for collaboration that allows users to create new Teams for working together on a project or functional area, such as a client project, sales bid, on-going confidential HR or finance.

If a project is more complex you can set up Channels within Teams, for example you may have a Marketing Team, and within this have a channel for digital assets (eg logos), one for client ready material, videos in production etc.  You can tag colleagues with actions which then appear in their activity tab. You can also tag conversations as important making them easier to find.

Users have options to add conversations – similar to posts you may have on Facebook, forward emails for all to consume, share files and embed a purchased or custom made App such as Project Management.

Microsoft Teams screenshot 2


One of the benefits of using teams is that new members can quickly catch up on previous content without a colleague having to dig out and forward on emails, and, using Office365 live documents, you can always have access to the latest version.  Teams can be set up as public to everyone in your company, or more secure by invitation only.  In this world of information overload, you will be glad to know that searching is as powerful as you would expect from a solution built on SharePoint.

Lastly, you can set up meetings and even schedule them as Skype meetings.

There’s many more useful features within Teams but this outlines some of our favourites. We’d love to hear from you with the features you’re enjoying.


Microsoft Teams screenshot 3


Who should be using it?

Teams is essential for business services organisations that require employees to collaborate for planning, delivery and share knowledge of best practice. This solution is open but secure and encourages rapid and flexible collaboration to encourage relationship building, even over remote geographies.  This solution is particularly suited to flat organisational structures where employees have the freedom to create new work areas to collaborate on new projects or where knowledge share is an intrinsic component of the value of your business.

Microsoft Teams screenshot 4

Our Experience in Using Teams


At Cloud9 Insight, a Microsoft Gold Partner, since we have launched Teams internally, the uptake and adoption has been outstanding. The unexpected additional benefit is that there has been a significant reduction in emails and cc’s, which makes it easier to prioritise and focus on what is important as opposed to working through a large bucket of emails. This solution has become as critical to our business as our Dynamics 365/CRM solution.

We are excited to hear that Microsoft are planning to launch a version that will allow organisations to share securely with Clients and Partners too.


If you’d like assistance getting started with Teams, please call the team on 01273 921 510, email hello@cloud9insight.com or fill out the the contact us form here.

For further information on teams from Microsoft themselves, take a look here.