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Did you know you can build high functioning, mobile apps without any coding knowledge? PowerApps is Microsoft’s UX friendly add-on that enables your company to design customised apps to support your business processes.

Apps can be generated from templates of data in your Microsoft cloud accounts such as SharePoint and Dynamics 365 but also collated from data stored in your third-party sources such as MailChimp and Eventbrite. Better still, the app is automatically built around the data captured and this can be tailored to individual workflows by type of data displayed and organised.

Empowering users to work efficiently, apps can be saved in Microsoft’s superlative cloud storage solution and share with relevant team members in the organisation.From Spring 2018, PowerApps will be integrated with the Common Data Service (CDS), the same platform that powers Dynamics 365. This will allow for Model-driven apps which takes a data-centric approach across the CDS platform – (covering Dynamics for Sales, Service, Marketing, Field/Project Service, Business Central and Talent) to ensure apps are built to incorporate existing business logic and forms with optimised mobile and web responsiveness.

Example: Create a custom SharePoint Form Using PowerApps


Data Screenshot - PowerApps

Want to schedule your social media from within your Office 365 suite? PowerApps allows you to create a custom SharePoint form to schedule your posts using Microsoft Flow and eliminating the need for third-party solutions such as Hootsuite.


  1. Choose the fields you want to use to use in the scheduling assistant form.

Fields included:

A: Tweet Title – this is a Single line of text field, this is used only in SharePoint to differentiate between the records created.

B: Scheduled Tweet Time – This is a Date & Time field, this is what triggers the tweet to send.

C: Tweet Body – This is the description / Contents of the Tweet itself.

D: This was all done by using the form aspect of PowerApps and pulling through the required fields from the view on the main list.




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