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Vital tools to help you get even more out of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions

From our experience of working with over 850 SMBs, we have developed a series of product "extensions" - tools that can make your life easy, quick win solutions that can speed up sometimes laborious or those frustrating nuances of the systems you use. We have a variety of out of the box and ready to install tools that are quickly becoming "must haves" for several of our clients.

Prices for these extensions vary - why don't you speak to one of our experts to find out out we can simplify your processes and boost efficiencies - without breaking the bank. 

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Quote Overwrite Opportunity

A gap in the out of the box sales module is keeping quote content and values aligned with opportunities that are used for pipeline reporting. This extension allows a user to apply quote content and values into the opportunity record, automatically, the pipeline will therefore always match the latest quote. The automation also carries out the sync when a quote is won or when the order is consequently created.

This is a huge timesaver for sales people and provides more accurate pipeline visibility for management and other teams involved in the sales process. Salespeople often create multiple quotes for customers when trying to close a deal so this provides clarity across the board. A further benefit is that the opportunity record is maintained and uptodate, ensuring that the all important pipeline forecasting is accurate for the management team. 


Account Connectors - Sage

This is a custom built Power Automate connector that connects Dynamics to the Sage API commonly used on cloud based (or on-premise) 200 or above products. (Please note that this is not Sage 50 compliant - but we do have a Sage50 connector -  more information about this can be found here).

Sage is a a very popular finance management package used by SMBs in the UK, and is encouraging clients away from on-premise server-based variables of their products towards cloud offerings, these cloud offerings make an API available to which we can connect Dynamics to - making for a seamless journey between the systems.


Know Your Customer - Recording Functionality

This extension allows a business to record "Know Your Customer" research activities on prospective or existing customers, suppliers or any contact or account. It includes the ability to send reminders when KYC records have expired and for example, provides an auditable record that money laundering type checks have been carried out.

"Know Your Customer" supports the standard "identity check" process many business have to undertake with their clients, this functionality allows a business to record ID checks carried out and store the information within the CRM system so users have a one-stop-shop for information. The tool allows a user to set reminders for the future expiry dates for any ID check they carry out.


Default SharePoint Folder Structure

This extension allows the automatic set up of SharePoint folders for core records. It has a settings menu where a front end user sets out the folder hiearachy, and then when a record is created,  SharePoint folders are automatically created from the settings. Settings can be amended and will be implemented into the next newly created and existing records.





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Attachment Gallery

This allows a user to see thumbnails for selected SharePoint image files in a gallery, it also allows a user to drag and drop files into the SharePoint folder rather than the  more time consuming click/press upload files process.






Send Related Attachments by email

This extension enables you to attach documents stored in the related SharePoint folder directly to an email, rather than having to download and  then attach the file, whilst this sounds so obvious it is fucntionality that without the extension is not possible - it is a huge time saver for users who have to regularly send emails with attachments.





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Project Lite extension - Template Layers

If you have our Project Lite product (more information on Project Lite can be found here) the new project management tool - then we have an tool that will make life easier if you have lots of similar projects running at the same time - allowing you to set up template projects that you can replicate for and adjust for each project as required - saving lots of time, and saving money via imporved efficiency in the speedier project set up.




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Project Lite extension - Clockify - Coming soon

If you have Project Lite, our new project management tool - this allows Project Lite time entries to be auto created from Clockify. Clockify can read a user's Outlook calendar, a user then simply adds a time entry to the calendar view in Clockify, when submitted it pushes the time entry back to Project Lite.  This allows the user to combine wider business needs with project management. Many companies use Clockify and have to create indivisual projects and data in to it.

This extension takes away the time needed to do that as it is all there already. Clockify is one of the easiest time entry products available on the market and this extension pushes the Clockift entries into Project lite. The PM therefore gets the full 360 view. It doesnt require additional Project lite licences - saving costs and time by simplifying the project and allClockify interactions.




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SMS Integration

Coming soon...




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