Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing has recently been revealed for public preview and if you aren’t aware of this new software that’s been a hot topic of gossip for the past year, it will soon be the marketing solution for every SME!

“Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is designed as the front end of the sales cycle to help companies nurture more sales-ready leads, align sales and marketing and make smarter decisions. Most importantly, Dynamics 365 for Marketing works together with Dynamics 365 for Sales on the same platform which aligns teams with common data, connected processes and Office 365 collaboration tools.”


Kishan Chetan, Principal PM Manager, Dynamics 365 for Marketing had this announcement to make:







Here are some features to expect in the new addition:


Create Automated Email Campaigns

  • Design and create bulk emails and custom automations using the drag and drop editor, flexible templates and use familiar tools like Excel for importing marketing lists.
  • Create campaigns across channels on social media like LinkedIn, events and networking forums, webinars and landing pages, with easy to personalise templates to quickly generate your content.
  • Enhance the customer journey with a responsive process that sends subsequent emails after actions are performed.


Organise Events

  • Create, invite and manage attendees through the event portal by organising registration, venues and hosts.
  • Improve the event experience for your clients and prospects with 0N24 webinar integration.
  • Run reports on events to review attendees and generate leads with follow up processes. Finally, a solution where you can see your marketing efforts pay off!


Online Forms

  • Create interactive online forms and surveys from the app to further understand your customers and improve your marketing efforts by gaining a wealth of results.
  • Use your dashboard features to identify your best campaign categories, products and services and even pinpoint your high- quality leads. Advanced marketing analytics can afford your marketers greater insight into data collected from forms and translated into strategies to boost ROI and accelerate your company’s marketing strategy.


Generate and Score Leads

  • Seamless integration with Dynamics 365 for Sales, data, processes and Office 365 collaboration tools connected on the same platform, allows you to make personalised experiences for your leads.
  • Obtain Dynamics analytics on your leads with a view of the sales pipeline, allowing you to guide the buyer’s journey based on their behaviour across multi-channel campaigns.


Explore the public preview for Dynamics 365 for Marketing today!


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