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Who are Park Lifts?

Park Lifts offer services to design, build, install and service lifts to a wide-range of client organisations including large commercial and residential buildings, NHS hospitals, hotels and churches. Maintenance and repair is a core part of the business, as are annual inspections and modernisations. The company regularly undertake surveys to monitor lift performance as well as having the technical resource to carry out refurbishments and health and safety checks. Park Lifts differentiate themselves through their outstanding customer service to help secure repeat business and sought the capabilities of Dynamics CRM Online alongside Office 365 to add further value to the business by getting closer to the customers they serve as well as being more responsive and productive to the jobs the engineers were due to carry out.

About Park Lifts

Park Lifts provide the technical expertise to perform annual maintenance, inspections and repairs to many buildings across London, UK.

The business relies heavily on serving the annual contracts that are in place with their existing client-base and keeping track of the outcall of jobs to be carried out in order to build and retain great customer relationships.


  • Disjointed and inaccurate way of managing key customer data
  • Lack of mobility to update customer records in real-time
  • Too much time spent gathering and updating contact and account information


Engineering Services




UK, London

Technology Solutions

Microsoft Office 365
Dynamics CRM Online


  • Single view of each new & existing customer
  • Business process flows to streamline job logging process
  • One common data-set for quick reporting and insights with dashboards, views & charts
  • Flexible & scalable user license subscription model

Business objectives realised

  • Single view of each new & existing customer
  • Business process flows to streamline job logging process
  • One common data-set for quick reporting and insights with dashboards, views & charts
  • Activity tracking and follow up task management with Outlook integration
  • Flexible & scalable user license subscription model

A complete view of every customer

Having worked on Excel spreadsheets to manage all customer interactions and upcoming jobs to be scheduled, the business was far from being as productive as possible and quickly needed a solution to help drive service productivity and better manage existing client relationships. The first step was to migrate all user mailboxes across to Office 365. Park Lifts knew that by having their unified communications hosted by Microsoft, that they were able to be more agile, particularly when it came to integration with their main customer database in Dynamics CRM. Synchronisation of all emails, contacts, tasks and appointments was critical to enable a history of communication for all to see and a single view of any customer interaction.

This allowed any escalations and urgent communication to be flagged easily against a customer record. Further to this the team are enjoying the benefits of collaboration that the likes of Skype for Business brings through instant messaging and internal calls as well as the document management capabilities of OneDrive and SharePoint. Each user can now much more effectively find the information they need concerning a customer record all within the CRM account dashboard, minimising time spent searching and undertaking administrative tasks on disparate systems.

Unified way of working on call-outs and managing contracts

The business process capabilities in Dynamics CRM were extremely helpful in terms of Park Lifts being able to log jobs that were due to be carried out and the status of completion against those jobs. Not only did this allow for easy input of data and instantaneous understanding of what next steps to take, but it also allowed for quick reporting and useful insights into the service capacity of the business i.e. the volume of work and bandwidth to schedule more services.

The case management entity within Dynamics CRM has really helped the team embed their own job-servicing process into the system. The flexibility to customize and shape this in a way that mirrors the business requirements for Park Lifts was a real eye-opener for Perry Vala, Managing Director.

Customer contracts were also built into CRM so that when the team were drawing up new contracts or needed to refer back to existing contracts, they were easily accessible located under the customer account record. This really helped add value to future conversations with customers that may already be in a contract but have engaged with Park Lifts to discuss a repair or refurbishment job. The permutations of each contract such as whether it is Gold or Silver could again be accommodated into the right data structure in CRM, so the team knew with confidence that the data was accurate and consistent.

Account segmentation and a common data-set for all reports.

A key requirement for the business was to also be able to effectively keep track of the parent-child relationship structures with their customers. For example, many customers had multiple lifts but also multiple sites, so it was key that under any given customer record, the full representation of the complexity of any job was easily visible and the technical engineer knew all in advance of the current set-up at each customer site before making the trip.

Dynamics CRM as a platform for further development

The team at Park Lifts are in the early stages of adoption to the CRM as it has brought a significant amount of change to the process of managing existing customers. However, there is definitely a need for further development such as monitoring marketing & sales activities and integration with financials. Cloud9 look forward to continue working with Park Lifts to ensure they receive the best ROI possible from Microsoft Cloud technology.

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