Micro CRM


What is Micro CRM?

Micro CRM is a quick and cost-effective way to implement Dynamics 365, getting SMEs to hit the ground running with a simple CRM system.

Who is it for?

Micro CRM is for sole traders and small businessess (up to 5 users) with no CRM currently in place. A great way to get started with Dynamics 365 on a budget.

What’s involved?

Workshop to understand your requirements and essential business needs

Simple CRM solution is designed designed for you by our expert consultants, ready for your review and approval

Core functionalities are configured, along with the integrations with your existing software

All your data is imported into the new system

One day of on-site training is delivered to ensure you’re happy and ready to go

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Micro CRM Dynamics 365

How long does it take?

Typically, Micro projects can be delivered from 14 days after the initial requirements gathering meeting. Clients are encouraged to plan subsequent phases to deliver additional maturity. The project is designed to match the pace of change that can be embraced by the business.

“Small businesses can lose a lot of time trying to create a bespoke system. Start with a simple system that works, as opposed to building from the ground upwards.”

Kate Shand

CEO and Founder, Enjoy Education

Ready for Micro CRM?

Book your free consultation with our team of experts and hit the ground running with CRM. If your business needs to speed and start enjoying the benefits of CRM, you may need a Fast Track Project.

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