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If you are not already creating automated workflows across different services and applications then your business needs Microsoft Flow. We all want to make our workload more manageable and with the advantage of the cloud and integrated smart solutions, Microsoft Flow allows you to sync files, collect data and work more remotely and collaboratively than ever before.

Flow is fully integrated with Dynamics 365, Office 365, Twitter, SharePoint, Dropbox and over 200 other applications. And, to make it even easier to get started, there is an endless number of template connections to fit your work management needs.

Microsoft Flow apps

Examples of popular templates that manage emails and Office 365 apps by automating notifications, data collection and productivity.

Facebook & Excel icons
Sharepoint and alerts
Power BI and Outlook
Dynamics 365 flow
Outlook and One Note flow

If you’re not sure what you can do with Flow, here’s a few ideas:

Social Media

Embrace the social side of CRM by documenting real-time interactions on your social media profiles.

Record your social media engagement by saving public posts on your Facebook wall into an Excel spreadsheet.


Connect your applications and receive notifications so you never miss an important update, document edit, email or news.

  • Get a notification every time a file is saved to a specific folder of interest to improve productivity.


Manage your emails more efficiently by creating filtering rules, automatic responses and receive alerts from specific contacts.

  • Send Outlook emails when a new Power BI data notification is triggered.


Use Flow on your mobile devices to connect between apps on the go. Receive push notifications for news and location finders, send automatic email replies, copy files between storage spots, post to Microsoft Teams and so much more!

Data Collection

Run a Flow to save data received on you social, emails and SharePoint files into Excel sheets

  • Forward important information to a OneNote workbook.

Flow is free with your most Office365 subscriptions and all Dynamics 365 licences.  Cloud9 offer Membership Support and Training for Microsoft Flow as a low-cost add-on.

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