Here’s why your website and CRM should be integrated

Your website is your members’ central hub – their go-to point for their relationship with you. Almost 7/10 membership associations have integrated their website and CRM/AMS systems (according to the latest Memberwise Digital Excellence Survey) – is it time you did too?

Having fancy software and website independently is great, but if nothing’s connected then you could be losing out on potential member interactions and key business insights.

Ask yourself the following questions:

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Can members self serve?

What’s the effort involved for a simple member request? Could a task that would usually take an hour of an employee’s time be transformed into something a member can get for themselves?

Platforms such as Dynamics 365 (the preferred platform for almost a quarter of all membership societies) enable you to set up member portals, where members can self-serve for smaller admin tasks such as annual renewals, membership upgrades, event registration, and communications opt-ins.

Today’s members want more autonomy and control; by giving them this option, you delight the member and free up time and resources in your team – it’s a win-win.

Are you losing time on data entry?

Integrating your website and a CRM system means less time spent manually entering member details into your database – freeing up staff time to actually follow up the contacts generated. You’ll also reduce data error risks that come with manual input, and admin staff can be retrained to offer better value in customer service.

Could you automate any processes?

Have you automated any of your simple processes? For every admin worker struggling with data entry and management, there’s one less human to respond to emails, answer the phone, or respond to live chats and social media conversations. Think about how you can provide the most value, to the members and for your organisation. If you haven’t already, consider how much easier it would be to offer an online renewals and joining service.
Personalised member experience CRM cloud9 insight microsoft dynamics 365

Can you provide personalised experiences?

When you collect the right data and put it to work you can offer a more tailored experience which will impress even the most discerning members.

An integrated website and CRM allows you to create targeted content, product/service recommendations and other suggestions – i.e. if a member interacts with a piece of content, other content recommendations can be made, with a note of interest then added to their record. Not only will doing this help members find the things that actually interest them, but it will also help increase the number of courses/events or services they will buy from you.

Do you provide exclusive online resources?

Integration allows you to provide members with exclusive resources, such as a members-only area on your website, where members can update their details online and connect with each other to form a vibrant and lively community. It’s also another channel you can use to capture data on member behaviour which enables you to provide better value for members going forward.

A good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software system puts your data to work, and helps you keep on top of your relationships with past, current and future members. A great membership CRM will integrate with your website and help you provide a seamless service to members, along with slicker internal processes.

CRM for Membership bodies

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