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Today’s digital world is progressively changing the way that clients interact with professional services firms. Client expectations are shaped by day-by-day consumer experiences where immediate responses and on-demand self-service access information is the norm. Now more than ever, building trusted relationships and maintaining a solid reputation depends on delivery of outstanding and increasingly distinctive experiences – not just for a single project or at executive levels, but consistently across every client interaction. Firms need to embrace new levels of transparency and build a workplace where it’s easy for professionals to find and share information about clients, access all available expertise and apply preferred practices widely.

The key drivers for CRM within the services industry are most commonly

Client-Centricity – The need to cultivate a firm’s reputation through client-specific experiences delivered across distributed teams, this means:

  • Providing relevant, proactive offering that delight clients
  • Delivering globally with a personalised touch – cultivate specific service experiences that appeal to target clients
  • Differentiating your business – consistent yet distinctive experiences at each stage in the dynamic client relationship
  • Following the right clients to drive profitability


Talent-Driven – More effective utilization of available expertise and higher productivity through collaboration and best practice can increase revenue per employee and firm profitability, this means:

  • Recruit-to-hire workflows and automation help onboard the best and brightest candidates. Analytics highlight top performers and built-in career management and competency tracking guide ongoing professional development.
  • Operating globally – scheduling and resource utilisation
  • Executing as a team – continuity in sales, marketing, service and project processes help improve efficiency and focus


Action-orientated – The need to accelerate project execution and firm operations with familiar, flexible role-based tools and timely insights, this means:

  • Responding swiftly to meet and exceed client expectations with 360 view of customer and ease of tracking communication
  • Improving productivity – interfaces that offer contextual insights into data, project templates and integration with familiar productivity tools such as Outlook and Excel
  • Adapting with agility – Easily adapt processes to address local market realities and changing client demands
CRM Cloud Software for professional services

Solutions: Microsoft Dynamics CRM can these challenges as follows:

  • Help organisations modernise its workforce
  • Provide efficient client service
  • Maximise profitability with a low cost of ownership
  • Deliver exceptional customer service creating long-term relationships
  • Increase user-productivity
  • Drive business results through intelligent and connected user experience

CRM can also help address some of the following key solution areas found within a service firm:

Knowledge Management

Objective: Stop reinventing the wheel and take full advantage of your firm’s intellectual capital with proven tools to capture, find, share, and reuse information.

Capabilities: RFI/RFP management; enterprise-wide content management and search; internal/external social computing; team workspaces; and process libraries and visualizations.

Practice Development

Objective: Close more deals faster and grow client wallet share with insightful, timely, and contextual responses
that build trust and annuity business.

Capabilities: Client/project management; lead/opportunity management; proposal management; brand assets and template management; marketing automation; and analytics and KPIs

Professional Development

Objective: Attract, develop, and retain the best and brightest talent by providing expertise-building experiences that optimize career and utilization objectives.

Capabilities: Recruiting and onboarding; competency assessment and tracking; skill and availability-driven project assignment; performance management; and compensation and incentive management.

Service delivery

Objective: Deliver as promised and turn clients into enthusiastic referrals through optimized service planning, engagement, and execution.

Capabilities: Project quotation, management and planning, and budgeting and cost control; time and expense reporting; complex invoicing and billing; service orders and contracts; service calls and dispatching; repair management; service subscriptions; and analytics and KPIs.

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