Building strong relationships with donors, clients, volunteers, vendors and other stakeholders is key

Not-for-profit organisations face a long list of challenges that starts with fundraising and can in­clude everything from meeting increasing demands for services to utilising technology most effectively.


  • Generating more income
  • Reduction in government funding
  • Insufficient resource
  • Meeting demand for services
  • Raising awareness of charity/cause
  • Effective and efficient ways to manage and nurture members/donors relationships


Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help meet these challenges as follows:

  • Build and maintain member/donor relationships.
  • Track, manage and nurture members/donors to help increase donations (integrates to Outlook email client).
  • Segment data on the top donors, donors that haven’t donated in the last 12 months and more. This allows targeting those with urgent appeals.
  • 360-degree view of all correspondence sent and received – keeps all communications on campaigns in one place.
  • Integrate with e-commerce and your website to eliminate manual data entry.
  • Access Microsoft Dynamics CRM over the web and on multiple devices – an excellent way to keep employees and volunteers connected around the world.
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