Unified interface is Microsoft’s solution to provide a faster to use, role focused and consistent Dynamics 365 experience across all devices and screen sizes.


The new interface makes all the rich experiences of Dynamics 365 available to you whether you are on a web browser, tablet, or phone.

It achieves this consistent experience through responsive web design principles, which means that Dynamics 365 will self-adjust based on window or screen size.

Unified Interface allows the users experience to be designed based on the tasks they need to accomplish. So users can have a single app focused on carrying out a single role or task… or can switch easily between multiple apps each focused on a carrying out different roles or tasks. Because each app is intended to be more role specific, the fields and information can be presented in a way that is quicker for the end user to use.

It also provides the power of interactive dashboards to all devices, allowing you to drill down into information whether you are on the browser, mobile or tablet.

The core record types, such as Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts, and Cases are moving to the Unified Interface client.

There are enhancements to productivity with the introduction of improved capabilities, such as:

Timeline control – a quick way to track customer communication in a record
Business process docking – allowing you to dock the business process flow on the screen
Reference panel – lookup other related records without leaving the screen you are on
New navigation menu – allows you to swiftly navigate through different apps, recently opened records & views and pin favourites


What are the key benefits to the Unified Interface?


The main goal that Microsoft is trying to resolve with the Unified Interface is to deliver a more efficient and responsive user experience which is consistent across all platforms.
Users will be able to switch from using Dynamics 365 on a browser, to a mobile and the experience they receive should be as similar as possible.
It also allows users to focus better on the task at hand, by reducing the visibility of information that isn’t as necessary for the specific task being carried out.
It also simplifies the process of deploying new apps quickly, so that more role specific apps can be rolled out as needed.


Access to the Unified Interface

Unified Interface is available with the release of Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps version 9.0

You can access the Unified Interface from several location:

1) From https://home.dynamics.com

Unified Interface Dynamics Home

2) New experience in the navigation bar

New Experience UI

3) New experience in My Apps page under settings

Unified Interface Apps page


Unified Interface apps on phones and tablets


Unified interface apps are the only apps supported on phones and tablets. When a user logs in, they will find the Unified Interface apps on their apps landing page.


Unified Interface Phone


Unified Interface Tablet

Creating your own Unified Interface app

If you need to create your own Unified Interface app, you can do so using the app designer.

Unified Interface Designer

-Do so by signing in to PowerApps and selecting Model-driven app from blank.

-Enter the requested details, such as Name, Unique Name, Description etc and press Done

-Select the arrow to Open the Site Map Designer and then setup the Subareas with the Entities you want.

-Once you have your site map setup click Save and Close

-Then on the app designer canvas add the Forms, Views and Charts you require and click Save then select Publish



The Hybrid Experience


The Following features are not yet present in the Unified Interface.  However, through the hybrid experience they can be enabled for display in the Unified Interface.

  • Advanced Find
  • Bulk Edit
  • Merge records
  • Record sharing
  • All “Set Personal Options”


The Hybrid Experience can be enabled by doing the following…

  • Go to Settings -> Administration -> System Settings
  • In the General tab
  • Set Enable embedding of certain legacy dialogs in Unified Interface browser client

Unified Interface Hybrid

Over at Cloud9 Insight, the in-house experts love the new Unified Interface and can’t wait to see it on more systems that they work with. They find it easy to navigate, the timeline is way more intuitive and that it flows a lot better. The clean, fresh interface is reflective of Dynamic’s continued future brilliance.


If you need any help transferring to the Unified Interface, this service is free to customers on Membership Support. Membership Support members can contact the Cloud9 Support team by logging into the Support Portal and logging a ticket, calling +44 (0) 1273 921 448 or email support@cloud9insight.com.

To set up Membership Support, give us a call or email us at hello@cloud9insight.com. Further information about the Cloud9 Insight support contract with Cloud9 can be found on our website, click here.